Eight red flags pointing to step daddy’s abuse — in front of the lizard’s

What is below Is a horror thriller about a girl returning from a summer camp discovering that her mother is engaged in a terrifying lizard creature disguised as a human man. But for the first hour or so, before the elements of true science fiction were revealed (as you know, he has webbed feet and scales), the film is a warning story about abuse. It may have been.

Stepfather character John Smith (Tray Tucker, Outpost) Liberty “Libby” Wells (Ema Horvath, Don’t look deep) And her mother, Michelle Wells (Mena Suvari, American beauty), And how to find these tactics in real life. For clarity, the films are completely fictitious and the behavior of the characters does not reflect the behavior of the actors who play them. (Warning — spoilers follow the movie).

1. Love bombing

Do you remember John looking like a “perfect man” at the beginning of the movie? He always hugged, kissed, and overly loved Michelle, assuring Libby that he loved his mother “very, very”. Their relationship went on to get engaged just a few months later, and he gave both women gifts — Michelle’s watch, Libby’s bracelet.

It’s an example of a love bombing, Psychology todayHas been used as an operational tactic by cult leaders such as Charles Manson and David Koresh. The site defines love bombing as an abuser’s great affection for the victim, gaining trust, allowing bad behavior in the future, and increasing the likelihood of rationalization.

Imagine Libby having a rebellious encounter with John on the boat. We’ll talk more about that later, but note that he then put another gift outside the bedroom door and left a note begging for “forgive me.”

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“The bombing of love works because humans have a natural need to feel good about who we are, and often we cannot meet this need ourselves.” Psychology today..

Tray Tucker as John Smith and Emma Hovas as Liberty Wells What is below On netflix

It also serves to manipulate people with a traumatic history of low self-esteem and worthless emotions. Do you remember the scene where Michelle confessed that Libby never felt loved by her father? Yes, John definitely took advantage of it.

“The reason can be a situation caused by an event such as divorce or unemployment, which is more constant and dates back to our childhood,” adds Outlet. “Whatever the source, love bombers are experts in detecting and abusing low self-esteem.”

2. Engagement

The entanglement, also known as “parent-child relationship” or “covert incest,” is a parent-child relationship that is “too close and uncomfortable.” MightyA digital health community that connects people facing challenges and disabilities. In this situation, “the boundaries are blurred, the child may not feel like a child, and may feel like a romantic partner. John touches Libby, is alone with her, and in-law parents and children. It sounds like when you repeatedly find excuses to talk to her as if you were an adult.

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3. Too close, too fast

He used similar maneuvering tactics for Libby, just as John love bombed Michelle to trust her after just a few moments.according to Health line, Emotional manipulators will “share their darkest secrets and vulnerabilities” to gain the trust of their victims. John felt, “Everything I’ve done since you came here was an absolute catastrophe,” and did this when he confessed to her, “I’m just messing everything up.” ..

This is also a way for abusers to get sympathy and encourage victims to comfort them.according to Psychology todayAbuses are often unstable and irritable and tend to blame others for their actions. John also used over-sharing tactics to create false trust when he lamented Libby “I don’t want to cause a crack” between her and her mother and dramatically vowed to stuff him away. Masu-which effectively makes her feel guilty, reassuring him that he should stay so as not to hurt his feelings.

What is under abuse

Emma Hovas as Liberty “Libby” Wells What is below On netflix

4. Grooming

Entanglement, bombing of love, getting too close, and being too fast are all examples of grooming. Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN) It is defined as “operational behavior used by abusers to access potential victims, force them to consent to abuse, and reduce the risk of being caught.” Another way John cared for both women was to keep secrets with them as a way to build their trust. Michelle and he made their secret engagement. Along with Libby, he assured her not to tell her mother that she wanted to go to an out-of-state college. John also adopted the classic grooming tactics of trying to normalize improper behavior with Libby by choking with an interest in “science”.

5. Excessive interest in child development

Now back to that horrifying boat scene. John invites Libby to the boat, promising to help capture wildlife for scientific experiments. But when she unexpectedly begins her period, he grabs her improperly. Then he tries to normalize his behavior and ensures that her bleeding is “normal” and doesn’t bother. He tries to prove it in a terribly twisted way by licking her blood from his fingers. Immediately after that scene, he sneaks into the bathroom while taking a shower and sniffs bloody clothes.according to Parents protect, Adults, an organization that seeks to prevent child sexual abuse and are “overly interested in the sexual development of children or teenagers,” are one of several danger signs of child abuse. Other danger signals John illustrated include frequent walking of children and teens in the bathroom, claiming physical affection even when the child does not want it, and spending time alone with the child. That is included.

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6. No privacy

Mighty It also describes denying children’s privacy as a form of abuse. “Not giving children age-appropriate privacy can affect their ability to trust others, maintain their boundaries, and respect others.” According to the site.. The shower scene is an example of this type of abuse. John repeatedly knocks on the door while Libby is taking a shower and enters without permission. The same goes for the scene of standing in the bedroom door and watching her sleep. Later in the movie, as the abuse escalated, Libby tied a cloth around the doorknob to make sure he didn’t come in while sleeping. MightyDescription of “paranoia” as a result of abuse due to lack of privacy.

What is under abuse

Mena Suvari as Michelle Wells and Trey Tucker as John Smith on Netflix’s “What Lies Below”

7. Separation

Psychology today Also, be aware that abusers are often possessive and seek to isolate victims from friends and family. John keeps Michelle’s bedroom door locked so Libby can’t talk to her mother, and stays in the room to “care” for Michelle when she’s sick, with the two women together. I performed this tactic by not allowing it to be. John also interferes with the cell signal at home, making it impossible for Libby to ask for help.

8. Gaslighting

“Gas lamps are a form of psychological abuse in which individuals or groups question someone’s sanity, perception of reality, or memory. People experiencing gas lamps are often confused and anxious. I feel that I can’t trust myself. ” Today’s medical news.

John employs gas lamps in a sneaky way by matching Michelle and Libby to each other. First, he tells Michelle that Libby wants to go to a distant college. It offends Michelle, so when Libby tries to tell her that John has touched her improperly, Michelle doesn’t believe her and claims she’s making it. It’s a gaslight on Michelle’s side — but it was John’s love bombing and Michelle’s anxiety exploitation that she wanted to be loyal to him at all costs.

If you are being abused and at immediate risk, call 911 or your nearest emergency hotline for assistance.If you need someone to talk to or confide in an abusive situation, call us 24/7 National Domestic Violence Hotline At 800-799-7233.

What is below I’m currently streaming on Netflix.Main image: Tray Tucker as John What is below On Netflix.

Eight red flags pointing to step daddy’s abuse — in front of the lizard’s

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