Eight roles that Will Smith missed

It’s difficult for musicians to move into acting careers, not to mention becoming the world’s most acclaimed and popular A-list star, but that’s what Will Smith did in the 1990s.He starred leaving a hip-hop career Bel Air’s Fresh Prince – One of the most beloved sitcoms in 10 years – played a leading role in both loud-laughing comedies and Oscar caliber dramas before moving to the big screen.

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For most of his career, Smith had the enviable freedom to choose and choose projects based on his personal tastes. However, there are some roles Smith missed because he turned them down or lost them to another actor.

8 Matrix Neo

Keanu Reeves of The Matrix Reloaded

It’s impossible Imagine someone other than Keanu Reeves In the role of Neo matrix According to the franchise Entertainment WeeklyThe Wachowski sisters first chose Will Smith. But when the director spoke roughly to Smith, it didn’t make sense.

So Smith made Wild Wild West Instead, he later joked with self-esteem. matrix Up. I would have ruined it, so I did all the benefits. “

7 Rush hour carter

Rush Hour Chris Tucker Close Up

With Jackie Chan as Lee and Chris Tucker as Carter rush hour It has become one of the most popular “Buddy Cop” franchises in history. Carter’s role made Tucker a big movie star after becoming famous as a stand-up comedy. Before Tucker was cast, the studio wanted a more established star to play Carter (it sounds ridiculous now that Tucker has become an established star).

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according to CinemaBlend, That part was provided to Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence, Will Smith.Lawrence and Smith had already done a “Buddy Cop” bunter with great results. Bad Boys..

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6 Mr Smith and Mrs. Smith

according to Looper, when Mr. and Mrs. Smith Director Doug Liman, who was the first to develop, considered several A-lister pairings for the nominal married assassin.

Liman considered Will Smith and Catherine Zeta Jones, Johnny Depp and Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt and his ex-Gwyneth Paltrow. After settling in the pits, Liman first paired him with Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman later dropped out and was replaced by Angelina Jolie.

Five Superman of Superman Returns

When I was Bryan Singer Superman reboot Superman Returns According to, it was the beginning of development CinemaBlend, Clark Kent’s role was offered to Smith, but he turned it down. The pressure to play such a symbolic character was too great (especially after disappointing fans on his turn as Jim West).

Smith finally played Deadshot, a much more ambiguous DC Comics character, in the DC Extended Universe since 2016. Suicide squad..

Four A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper singing as Jackson Maine at A Star Is Born

The latest remake Birth of a star It was a great success In the hands of Bradley CooperHe made his filmmaking debut as his mentor, directing himself as musician Jack Maine with Lady Gaga as an up-and-coming pop star in love. Remakes were under development for years before Cooper worked on the project.according to GlamourWill Smith was one of the many stars considered to be the protagonist.

Jennifer Lopez said in an interview that she and Smith were discussing the protagonist early in the development of the remake. It never took off. The project is like that. “

3 John Shaft by restarting the shaft

Shaft Samuel L. Jackson

according to Parents, When John Singleton restarts shaft In 2000, he previously considered many stars for the title role (originally symbolized by Richard Roundtree). Settle down on Samuel L. Jackson..

Singleton explains: [Cheadle], Wesley Snipes, Will Smith. But Sam was the best man for that. In every movie he does, he talks and looks cool. “

2 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Willy Wonka

Johnny Depp Chocolate Factory as Willy Wonka of Charlie & amp;

Casting a new Willy Wonka after Gene Wilder’s unforgettable 1971 performance is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.. That part needed an actor who came up with a take for an equally fascinating and equally unique character.according to CinemaBlend, Will Smith was thought to play Wonka early in development.

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Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey, Michael Keaton, Bill Murray, Brad Pitt, and Adam Sandler were all reported to have considered their role before Tim Burton boarded the film’s director, and he was taken for granted. I cast Johnny Depp, the leading actor, as Wonka.

1 Django Unchained Django Unchained

Jamie Foxx at the end of Django Unchained

by Hollywood Reporter, Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained – With Will Smith in mind, he became a bounty hunter from a slave heading to the farm to free his long-lost wife. Tarantino provided Smith with that partBut he refused because he couldn’t adjust the theme of the story.

Smith explains: “It was about the creative direction of the story. To me, it’s a story as perfect as you can: a man who learns how to kill his wife who was taken as a slave to get him back. The idea. Is perfect. And it was just that Quentin and I couldn’t see [eye to eye]… I wanted to make the movie badly, but I felt that the only way was to have a love story, not a revenge story. “

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