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Elastic acquires Optimyze to provide visibility into cloud native environments

Elastic The acquisition of Optimyze has reached a final agreement to accelerate the company’s vision for unified, practical observability and enhance its ability for customers to detect and discover root causes more quickly in complex distributed environments. Was announced.

Optimyze has in-depth expertise in large-scale distributed systems, providing insight into the entire IT ecosystem and providing an easier way to eliminate blind spots in Prodfiler. Optimyze leverages eBPF technology to provide innovative system and code system-wide continuous profiling with low performance overhead.

With the recent acquisition of Cmd and, Optimyze expands Elastic’s vision to enable customers to monitor and protect their data on one integrated platform, the Elastic Search Platform.

Elastic integrates Optimyze and Cmd innovations and’s Open Policy Agent (OPA) capabilities into Elastic Agent for a unified deployment process and data collection for observability and security. We will provide an approach.

Optimyze provides continuous, frictionless profiling, ElasticSearch Platform provides analytical and machine learning capabilities, and the ability to correlate profiling data with metrics, logs, and traces for contextualization. The ability to integrate the three pillars of observability, metric, log, and trace with new continuous profiling capabilities, provides customers with actionable insights, MTTD (mean time to recovery) and MTTR (mean time to recovery). Improve quality and performance of service while reducing. Average time to resolution).

The financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Thomas Dullien, CEO and co-founder of Optimyze, said: “Continuous profiling across systems, applications, and services with zero instrumentation, no code changes, and little performance overhead is a game changer in its own right. Metrics, traces, logs, and this data. The value grows exponentially when easily combined with and other operational data to cross-reference. We look forward to joining the Elastic team and realizing this vision. “

Shay Banon, Founder and CEO of Elastic, said: “Elastic continues to significantly advance cloud-native observability by investing in innovative teams that leverage open technologies such as eBPF to build differentiated capabilities.” With deep expertise in distributed systems, Optimyze overcomes the limitations of traditional profiling techniques to provide continuous system-wide profiling of systems and code, increase developer productivity, accelerate innovation, and more. We provide a rich customer experience. We look forward to working with Optimyze to accelerate our unified, practical and observable vision. “

The acquisition is expected to close during the second quarter of Elastic, subject to normal closing conditions.

Elastic acquires Optimyze to provide visibility into cloud native environments Elastic acquires Optimyze to provide visibility into cloud native environments

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