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It’s hard to explain the importance of Lionel Messi to this Barcelona team. The Catalans have a formidable team with many stars, yet they just look different when Leo is on that pitch.

Not surprisingly, the first thing that comes to mind is that Messi’s irreplaceable presence makes them better, more dangerous, and feared by opponents, which is certainly true in most cases. .. However, it seems that the opposite is also being discussed.

This Sunday, Barcelona played against Elche in La Liga, and their coach Jorge Almirón made an interesting statement in preparation for the clash, as quoted: Sports: “Barcelona without Messi plays in a more structured and alternative way.”

Of course, Almiron also praised Leo and said he was the best player in the world, but to say the least, this statement is very interesting. Barcelona will be out of Argentina on Sunday as it has been suspended for two games as a result of a direct red card with Super Copa’s athletic club.

Not many would say that Catalonia would be better without Messi, and Almiron’s remarks should not be out of the context, but there may be some truth to it.

After all, when he is on the pitch, every ball is always looking for him, and every attack, for better or for worse, starts and ends in Argentina. Due to all his ingenuity, “giving the ball to Leo” does not sound as accurate as a healthy structure, and his absence forces the team to adapt more and work as a team. There is a possibility that

In any case, in the first match without Messi, the cup draw with UE Cornella was quite difficult and Leo’s presence was badly overlooked. Still, the Catalans are working hard to do the same for Elche on Sunday.

Messi will have to look from afar again, but maybe it’s for the best and Barcelona can get something from the experience.

Hopefully they do it with a very important victory along the way.

– Soccer Sports

Elche coaches believe Barcelona looks “more structured” without Messi Elche coaches believe Barcelona looks “more structured” without Messi

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