Elden Ring is Miyazaki’s “most ambitious game,” says Phil Spencer on Xbox.

Xbox head Phil Spencer reveals that he was given the title after a desperate Eldenling fan made a boss, got stuck, and sought Reddit’s help prior to the arrival of an action RPG game. Did. Not only that, he seems to be really impressed so far.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Spencer told the site: I played a lot when asked how much he saw Elden Ring. ” He couldn’t share much about upcoming PC games, but added: “This is clearly the most ambitious game for anyone who has played all of Miyazaki’s games in at least the last decade. The game he played.” – Hidetaka Miyazaki is another big player in the genre, Dark Souls and Bloodborne. I am the director of.

“That is, I love his game, but I’ve seen some of the gameplay mechanics he and the team are working on this time and are collaborating with another creator from a story perspective. I love it. That’s what the Xbox boss says.

Sadly, for fans who are excited to sink into the game when the pearly white arrives, so far there is little information to wrap about the title. Elden Ring was announced at the Microsoft E3 conference last year in the Teaser Trailer (included below) and confirmed to be a collaboration between Game of Thrones author George RR Martin and Miyazaki.

I’ve heard that Elden Ring’s gameplay is as tough as Dark Souls since then, but the fighting is “fundamentally different”, it’s an open world game, and the game has already been working for several years (two at E3). is. last year). In addition, Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro composer Yuka Kitamura are back in Eldenling. But that’s it. There are no signs of an Elden Ring release date yet.

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