Elden Ring is probably not on the E32021

With the arrival of the E3 2021 in less than a month, we’re starting to hear about the games that might be on the show. But likewise, I’ve heard about games that aren’t. Recently, journalist Jeff Grubb talked about many games entering the latter camp livestream, and there seem to be quite a few celebrities who might miss this year’s show.

The most famous of these is Elden Ring. Despite previous reports that FromSoftware’s long-awaited RPG may appear in E3, Grubb says it definitely won’t appear on the Xbox show, and probably not otherwise. .. Meanwhile, on Microsoft news, Grubb said future first-party titles such as Everwild and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 will not be on the show.

Especially in the case of Hellblade 2, Grubb states that the problem is not displaying the gameplay footage, and Microsoft is hesitant to display another Synamtic trailer for the game again. Finally, according to Leak, the new Hideo Kojima game, created exclusively for Xbox, will not be announced at E3, but could be announced at the Game Awards later this year instead.

Of course, these are all unconfirmed reports, so take it with a grain of salt, but the E3 2021 isn’t too far away, so you’ll know for sure in either way.

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