Eldenling originally planned to release in 2020, but has been postponed due to Covid

Recently on Twitch, there was a chat between Streamer and Federico Fossetti (’s head reducer, a well-known website dedicated to games), and Fossetti shared a lot of interesting information about the Elden Ring.

  1. Elden Ring is very well received by Dark Souls fans because the game is so similar.
  2. When Covid began to spread, the game ended the development phase, and depending on Covid’s situation, the polishing phase (usually 8 months) also shifted.
  3. If Covid didn’t let From Software change the plan, the game should have been released in October / November 2020.

The clip is at 6:12 minutes in this video. I will also post a translation of the entire clip.
E: “No, I know … but as I said, I can’t remember if I met you before. Without Covid, you would already be playing it.”

W: “Shit! Are you serious?”

E: “Yes, I am very serious.”

W: “But it’s December 22nd …”

E: “For a while … you’ve already been playing it for a while.”

W: “So, isn’t the problem in development, or is it?”

E: “No”

W: “Are you ready for the launch?”

E: “Yes, absolutely! It’s December because Covid started in March. I couldn’t do it anymore because I couldn’t do it because the 8 months of polishing was completely gone. If you want to continue. “

W: “Francheso, when did the development of Elden Ring begin?

E: “Well, actually, this announcement was made two and a half years ago, but I heard it for the first time when it was still called Project Great Rune, and they were the first to show it. The screenshot was four years ago because it didn’t make any sense and had no texture. “

W: “How much hope … how much hope, you gave me a lot of hope. Are you optimistic, Francesco?”

E: “I’m optimistic”

W: “Trusted”

E: “Trust … but do you want something more like your soul, or something more like something else?”

W: “You know me, I want something very similar to the soul, that is, I literally want a new IP, which is exactly the same as Dark Souls.”

E: “Be happy! Have fun”

W: “Merry Christmas friends, Merry Christmas”

E: “Merry Christmas for everyone”

W: Laugh

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