Elder Scrolls Online does not directly support playing on new ARM-based Macs

State-of-the-art early adopting Mac gamers who happen to play Elder Scrolls Online The studio has announced that it can’t directly support new Macs with custom ARM CPUs, so we need to look at Bethsoft’s tolerance for the latest players. According to Bethsoft, using these CPUs requires software rewriting and emulation, which is not feasible. ESO..

“Porting a product as old, big, and complex is a big job. ESO I moved to a new CPU, but with no definite result of success. ” ESO Matt Filler explains. “Due to these factors, we will not port ESO to run on new ARM-based Macs. ESO It will continue to run on Intel-based Macs and will support it as long as you have a Mac user base sufficient to guarantee it.Although technically feasible ESO Expect a substandard gaming experience that isn’t officially supported through x86 emulation on new Macs. ”

Firor also states that Mac players can play on Stadia or PC using their existing accounts, so there’s really no risk of losing their account, only access if you upgrade to a new Mac.

Elder Scrolls Online won’t directly support play on the new ARM-based Macs

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