Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event Begins December 9th

JJoin Elder Scrolls Online at a free play event that runs until December 9th.

Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event Begins December 9th

If you are waiting to check out Elder Scrolls Online But now that you’re standing on the fence, it’s time to start your adventure.from now December 9th 10:00 am ESTYou can try MMORPGs on your PC / Mac, Stadia, Xbox and Playstation. During this time, you can download and play the base game for free.

Try Elder Scrolls Online for free until December 9th!

You can play for free until December 9th

At this event, players will be able to explore 24 zones, a base game where they can try 4 classes, and the main storyline will give them access to amazing adventures with some memorable characters.

If you are a new player, you can get 500 crowns for free at the in-game crown store. If you attended a previous free play event, you can continue your journey from where you left off. You’ll also have the chance to experience the Dark Heart of Skyrim, the main quest line of the year, with a prologue quest starting with the Graymoor quest line.

If you’re new to Elder Scrolls Online, the game is based on the Elder Scrolls series, but it’s set about 1000 years before ES5, so it follows its own path. Set in the world of MMORPGs, you can dive into dungeons with your friends, check out Cyrodiil’s open world PVP, and even challenge single-player areas. The class system is quite flexible, so you can play your character as you like.

ESO Sale – Up to 60% Off

If you choose to continue your ESO journey past the Free Play event, get up to 60% off the Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition and continue where you left off with your free trial. This is pretty decent as the base game provides hours of content. You can also start with Morrowind. This may be quite nostalgic for Elder Scrolls fans.

Sales depend on the platform where you can find the details below:

  • PC / Mac-December 9th
  • Stadia- December 10th
  • Xbox- December 9th
  • PlayStation-December 22

If you’re new to ESO and wondering where to start, use The Elder Scrolls Online Beginner’s Guide. For everything else, stop by the Elder Scrolls Online wiki for all the latest updates.

For more information, be sure to read the 2021 Series 25th Anniversary “Exciting Plans” and the Crimson Desert Gameplay Trailer at Game Awards 2020 by the following persona producers:


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