Elderly and Diabetes Management

Living with diabetes can sometimes be difficult if you can manage it effectively. As we get older, it may become more difficult to jump over those hurdles, but it’s not entirely impossible. With age, the risk of Cartane complications increases. However, diligence and care can adequately mitigate such risks.

So what can older people in India do to be healthier and live longer despite diabetes?


Food has been and will continue to be an important defining factor in health. Over the years, we need to seek the expertise of a good dietitian to change our diet so that sugar-based foods are phased out and replaced by healthier options. You may reduce the amount of fried food, but the oily and spicy food is a must-see.

Watch your sugar:

Invest in a home glucose meter to keep track of your sugar content on a regular basis. Keep a diary to write down what you eat and what the sugar content is afterwards.

If you notice a particular pattern, change your habits and food choices to correct it. For example, if sugar drops late in the evening, start eating fruits and salads in small portions between meals.

Strengthen your bond

Indian culture encourages friendship, family time and community participation. Spend time with your circle of friends every day and foster these bonds.

A good emotional support system can be enriched as well as enriched. Beyond your immediate family, create a circle of friends to support and encourage you. This automatically affects your health in a positive way and keeps your brain agile and alert.

Hobbies and passions:

Rekindle your love for art, gardening, table tennis and manga and immerse yourself in it for 45 minutes to an hour each day. This is as healing as a 20 minute deep meditation, as you are doing something that brings joy. If some of these activities are a bit intense, take a short break in between. You will find your sugar level as close to normal as possible.

If you combine this with some active walking, yoga, pranayama, mudra and meditation, you will be amazed at the results.

Important numbers and contacts

Make multiple copies with a list of important contacts and their numbers handy. This includes a list of family members, doctors and medications. Mention where to store health-related documents so that no one panics in the event of a situation.

Look at the bright side:

Almost every family addresses health issues, relationship issues, and anxiety. So don’t worry about or think too much about these things.

Instead, keep a thank-you diary to write down at least 10 good things that happen to you each week. Return to this journal every time your mind is depressed.

Whatever you do, put your physical and mental health first and continue to live a strong and active life.

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