Electra is now Daredevil, and you have to see Marvel’s new costume

Last week, Daredevil went to jail. This week there is a new Daredevil on the street of Hell’s Kitchen that you may notice.

Yes, the internationally feared assassin Electra Natchios is a woman who is very scared that her codename is her first name. And look at that costume! Great design work by Marco Chechet.

What else is happening on our favorite manga page? I will tell you. Welcome to Monday Funnies, Polygon’s weekly list of books that comic editors enjoyed last week. This is part of the Superhero Life Society page, reading recommendations, and “See This Cool Art”. There may be spoilers. There may not be enough context. But there are great cartoons. (And if you missed the last edition, read this.)

Daredevil # 25

Image: Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto / Marvel Comics

Of course, Electra has a bigger plan than taking care of Hell’s Kitchen. She and Stick have found a way to destroy their hands forever, but need Matt’s help. But now he is honored to stay in prison and sentence him to manslaughter, and in addition he has not yet trusted Electra or Stick.

But if Electra can earn his trust by taking care of Hell’s Kitchen, they may be able to save the world together. At least that’s the plan.

Image: Donnie Kates, Ryan Stegman / Marvel Comics (2020).

Here’s the biggest thing that has ever happened in Venom Comics after two years of accumulation: Marvel’s Black king The event will showcase high-impact books throughout the publisher lineup, from The Avengers to the X-Men. See a review of kick-off issues.

Justice League: Endless Winter # 1

Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and Superman stand on the edge of a large Arctic excavation site.

Image: Andy Lanning, Ron Marz, Howard Porter / DC Comics

DC, on the other hand, has its own midwinter crossover that hits the shelves. Justice League: Endless Winter.. The name may seem a bit ominous, but the kick-off comics themselves are some classic superhero adventures.

And if you didn’t know that Superman had moved the Fortress of Solitude to the Bermuda Triangle.

X Factor # 5

Members of The X-Factor, including Eye-Boy, Daken, and Prodigy, will notice Northstar and Aurora light shows from various locations in the Cracoa Boneyard Tower in X-Factor # 5, Marvel Comics (2020).

Image: Leah Williams, David Boldeon / Marvel Comics

X factor, The cartoons most concerned about how mutants die, had a lot to do in the aftermath X of Swords, But I especially loved the motif of arranging panels of individual activities of different characters against wide shots of their huge tower house. It sounds simple, but probably clunky, but Leah Williams and David Baldeón use it to eradicate all characters in an instant, away, but together. It worked for me!

Black Widow # 4

Black Widow shook from the chandelier, jumped off the pool table, and slammed the bar chair against Goon's face with a wamo after destroying Henchman with six vertical panels on two pages. Black Widow # 4, Marvel Comics (2020).

Image: Kelly Thompson, Elena Casagrande / Marvel Comics

Holy Cow Watch this battle scene in Elena Casagrande.

Fantastic Four Road Trip # 1

Franklin Richards uses his real-life warping power to sort out cosmic dust from desert sand, and in Fantastic Four Road Trip # 1, Marvel Comics (2020), his family Fantastic Four is in awe. While holding in mind, whisk beautifully rendered clouds of dust.

Image: Christopher Cantwell, Filipe Andrade / Marvel Comics

There are many good arts to draw from it Fantastic Four: Road TripHowever, most of them are spoilers or just incomprehensible from the context. So I settle on this full-page panel where Franklin Richards is doing him and just say it’s a very solid one-shot story.

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