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Electric car push integrates walling oil and corn oil

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Proponents of rival oil and ethanol industries are working together to oppose the Biden administration’s push to electrify a fleet of federal vehicles, often showing a rare moment of unity between competing interests. ..

Fifty Republicans, including 17 in oil-rich Texas and 21 in Corn Belt, said a presidential directive demanding that the federal government buy only zero-emission vehicles is at risk of losing climate progress. He warned that the United States would be dangerously dependent on China.

This effort reflects public restraints among those competing for oil and biofuel interests, who see electric vehicles as a common enemy.

Biden’s presidential directive, issued in December, requires federal agencies to purchase small cars to make their purchases a zero-emission model by the end of fiscal year 2027.

Hinson, Pfluger

“This presidential order depends on foreign enemies,” because almost all the important minerals needed to make electric vehicles are sourced from China or an influential country where China is an important investor. , The legislator said in a letter released on January 24. Congressman Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) and August Pfruger (R-Texas).

According to legislators, EV procurement obligations also ignore the opportunity to use high octane liquid fuels, ethanol and renewable diesel to reduce costs and emissions immediately. “Instead of signing costly orders, we have the potential to reduce small carbon emissions over 15 years away and strengthen our biggest foreign enemy, China. For a real solution We should look to the liquid fuel sector, “they told Byden.

Biofuels and oil refiners have long been on the other side of federal renewable fuel standards. It requires alternative fuels such as corn-based ethanol to be mixed with national gasoline and diesel. This effort could generate more cooperation for the future of its biofuel program, as the law does not explicitly set biofuel mixing targets for 2022 and beyond.

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Electric car push integrates walling oil and corn oil Electric car push integrates walling oil and corn oil

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