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Electric vehicles can reduce the cost of sustaining a lifetime by 40%

In addition to the cost of saving fuel, electric vehicles have fewer parts and are cheaper to service and manage, the new report emphasizes.

There is something new in electric cars. It has low repair costs.

Cost is one of the main arguments against Electric car.. As a relatively new technology, and with batteries that are still expensive Upfront investment cost The performance of electric vehicles is usually higher than that of regular vehicles (without subsidies). But in the long run, electric cars may actually be cheaper.

The price of a car is only a small part of what the car actually costs. In most cases, you will spend much more on operating and servicing your vehicle than you originally purchased. Andrew Burnham of Argonne National Laboratory recently report About the total cost of owning a vehicle. According to the report (focused on the United States), electric cars can be a surprisingly sweet deal.

“Over the life of a vehicle, maintenance and repair of a petrol vehicle can cost as much as $ 25,000, which is a huge sum,” he says. To tell..

To make this comparison, Burnham et al. Examined total cost of ownership, taking into account vehicle costs and depreciation, financing options, fuel costs, insurance, maintenance and repair, taxes, fees, and many other costs. And analyzed. Parameters — They looked at almost everything related to buying and owning a car. They also selected some representative cars for comparison.

Researchers say the important difference is that the electric vehicle has fewer maintenance parts (no need for timing belts, motor oil, oxygen sensors, etc.). Overall, Burnham et al. Estimate that the cost of maintaining a fully electric vehicle is about 40% less than that of a traditional vehicle. In addition, electric vehicle taxes (such as pollution taxes) are already low in many places. In addition, electric vehicle drivers can save a lot of fuel costs.

“Compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, there is the potential for significant savings in maintenance and repairs over the life of an electric vehicle,” says Burnham.

So, even with high upfront costs, Burnham advises buyers to think beyond the price tag in the long run, all depending on multiple factors (operating hours, local taxes, etc.).

However, one thing that can play a role (and not analyzed in the report) is the so-called “Right to repair“What’s really happening is that the owner isn’t allowed to take his car to just a service and is forced to go to the car maker. As a result, the maker. Can sometimes be significantly overcharged Even a simple repair — Because the owner has no alternative.

If a fair repair market is secured, it may be good news for the electric vehicle market and, as a result, the climate of our planet.

Electric vehicles can reduce the cost of sustaining a lifetime by 40% Electric vehicles can reduce the cost of sustaining a lifetime by 40%

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