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Appeared on PC, Xbox One and PS4 early next year.

The long-awaited Odyssey extension of Elite Dangerous (especially the one that gives the foot) isn’t too far away, and the developer Frontier has tightened its hype handle a bit with the release of a new gameplay trailer, some first. Debut-Human shootout.

Upon the arrival of the paid Odyssey expansion, the commander could, for the first time, leave the area of ​​Starship and stretch out to roam around outposts, planetary ports, spaceports, and even settlements like dust bowls. I can do it.

Here, NPCs are only willing to perform missions that reward credit, and at least some of them require players to indulge in spots of action on foot that pull weapons and spit out lasers. I will. Earlier, Frontier explained that when a commander falls into a combat scenario, he can equip himself, equip him with a variety of ammunition, and team up with fellow space adventurers.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Gameplay Reveal Trailer.

The newly released gameplay trailer on the frontier above has a subsequent action snatch-along with lots of planetary views and a bustling spaceport.

Of course, credits aren’t just a happiness, but bloodthirsty players can use a variety of other methods, such as scanning the local flora to collect data for sale when they leave the ship. You also have the opportunity to make money. Explore the settlements for sale in the black market or steal more maliciously.

Frontier’s latest elite Dangerous trailer is certainly another intriguing glance of what’s coming, and we’ll know more as the early 2021 release of the Odyssey on Xbox One, PS4, and PC approaches.


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