Elite Dangerous’s free Epic Games Store promotion suffers from access issues

Frontier Elite Dangerous Scheduled Today: It was planned to be completely free on the Epic Games Store, including the recently integrated Holizons into the base game. This is a reduction from the $ 29.99 retail price and is clearly prepared to attract people to the platform as well as the game. Technically, it should be deployed early today and run until Thanksgiving here in the United States, giving people enough time to jump in, grab it, play it, and keep it lasting.

Unfortunately, as a brief trip to the forum shows, elite EGS seems to pose a lot of problems for players. Some players have received an update phase error and others have not obtained the code, but others are having problems linking their accounts.

The good news is that at least the frontier is working on the problem. “We are aware of the issue of Epic Games Store players not having access to the game,” Frontier CM Stephen Benedetti told players in a complaint thread on page 18. “Our team is investigating and hopes to find a solution as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.” The bad news is … well, there is no ETA. Hopefully it will be fixed before the freebie timer expires, but at least players can now yoink it for free and wait.

Elite Dangerous’ free Epic Games Store promo is plagued by access issues

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