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Elon Musk’s cryptocurrency tweet is said to be a video from Anonymous that “destroyed life”

Elon Musk “destroys life” in an irresponsible tweet that recently disrupted the crypto market, a group claiming to represent the hacker group Anonymous said in a weekend video.

A nearly four-minute video posted on Saturday attacked Tesla.
+ 4.58%

“Another self-indulgent wealthy man desperate to get attention” and CEO who “continuously trolls” the crypto market. As of late Sunday, it recorded 1.7 million views.

A person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask told the video. “Of course, everyone knows they risked when investing and prepared for crypto volatility, but your tweet this week clearly downplays the average worker.”

Bitcoin and Dogecoin prices are particularly influenced by his tweets, and Mask has probably been the biggest contributor to cryptocurrency price volatility in recent months. “Musk is definitely too influential in the price of bitcoins,” said Kevin Kang, co-founder and principal of BK Coin Capital. I told MarketWatch last week..

On Thursday, the mask was sent A mysterious tweet suggesting that he broke up with BitcoinSince then, the price of digital assets has fallen by about 5%.

Last month, Musk plunged Bitcoin prices after Tesla announced that he would no longer accept Bitcoin as a car payment because of the high levels of carbon emissions produced by Bitcoin mining. He said he was investigating other more environmentally friendly codes, such as Dogecoin.

Posts are also recent Bitcoin Mining Council formedOn the face of it, promoting an environmentally sustainable mining industry was a mask bid to dominate the industry.

“The games you played in the virtual currency market have destroyed your life,” said the weekend video. “Millions of retail investors really expected the benefits of cryptocurrencies to improve their lives.”

“You may think you’re the smartest person in the room, but now you’re meeting your opponent.” “We’re anonymous! Legion! Expect us . “

A video came on the way Weekend Bitcoin Conference in Miami, About 12,000 crypto enthusiasts participated.Bitcoin price

And dogecoin

It fell slightly over the weekend, but was relatively stable compared to recent volatility.

The exact person behind the video was unknown, especially due to the decentralized nature of anonymity. The creator of the video claims to represent Anonymous, two of Anonymous’s most popular accounts. @YouAnonNews And @BscAnon, Denied responsibility. But another anonymous Twitter account, @YourAnonCentral, Claimed to be from Anonymous. YouTube channel “Anonymous” Only two videos were posted six months ago, with 164,000 subscribers. “Anonymous civil servant” A YouTube account with hundreds of videos 9 years ago and 3.5 million subscribers.

Despite price volatility, Bitcoin prices have risen 23% to date and have risen more than 266% over the past year. Dogecoin has risen by more than 7,700% this year and more than 14,000% in the last 12 months.

Elon Musk’s cryptocurrency tweet is said to be a video from Anonymous that “destroyed life” Elon Musk’s cryptocurrency tweet is said to be a video from Anonymous that “destroyed life”

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