Embrace the future of work at the Eclipx Group when investing in sales and customer service teams

FlexCareers welcomes the Eclipse Group as a FlexReady-approved employment partner and is proud to offer flexible work in the automotive and financial services industry. As a FlexReady-approved employer, the Eclipse Group has shown acceptance to discuss flexible work options with both existing employees and potential candidates.

With the recent boom in the used car market, the Eclipx Group has expanded its sales and customer experience teams, with many participating. New jobs available All over Australia.

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About the Eclipx group

Eclipx group Specializes in vehicle fleet leasing, fleet management, and a variety of financial services in Australia and New Zealand. The Group’s brand suite includes Fleet Partners, FleetPlus, Fleet Choice, Auto Select and Eclipse Commercial.

Eclipx is focused on providing great solutions to both customers and investors. The group does this as follows:

  • We are very committed to customer service.
  • With a wide product suite
  • Providing customers with a cost-effective and low-risk financing model.

How can you grow with Eclipx?

Eclipx is looking for people who are creative, adaptable and resilient. People who can grow in a changing environment, solve problems, and be creative when faced with challenges.

Here are some of the benefits of working with Eclipx:

  • Flexible work: Eclipx is committed to providing flexible work options to both existing employees and potential candidates.
  • discount: You’ll have access to a variety of industry discounts, including the opportunity to buy your next car at the best price.
  • Employee support: In addition to flexible work, you will be provided with health and welfare support (how employees work) Zoom over training (Using Reborn Fitness Club) and Employee Assistance Program.
  • Paid volunteer leave: Employees can devote their time, money, skills and knowledge to a variety of nonprofits and other passionate purposes.
  • Additional 5 days of annual leave: You will be rewarded for taking a vacation with an additional vacation policy.
  • Your day dress: Eclipx congratulates individuals and encourages employees to dress themselves in their own way.

Employees will find that they can develop and further develop their careers at Eclipx through in-house opportunities throughout the suites of different brands.

Community involvement and support allows people with a community interest to enjoy working at Eclipx.Some of the causes the group has champion Includes partnership with House with No Steps to help children with autism, work opportunities for people with disabilities, and Duffy Books to increase literacy rates for children across New Zealand Will be.

With such a diverse portfolio of brands and services, Eclipx is a reliable employer for people working in sales, customer service, technology, and finance.

See opportunities available in the Eclipx group Here..

Embrace the future of work at the Eclipx Group when investing in sales and customer service teams Embrace the future of work at the Eclipx Group when investing in sales and customer service teams

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