Embracer Group merges with Easybrain

A third announcement from the Embracer Group reveals that the company plans to merge with Easybrain by April 2021, which was announced earlier today. This is part of Embracer’s strategy, including the acquisition of Aspyr Media and the merger with The Gearbox Entertainment Company.

Cyprus-based Easybrain will merge with Embracer Group in an all-equity transaction, with a purchase price of US $ 640 million on a cash and debt-free basis and up to US $ 125 million for additional consideration. .. Easybrain will act as Embracer’s eighth operational group and will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary.

“We are pleased to welcome the entire Peter, Matvey, Oleg, and Easybrain teams into the Embracer family,” Lars Wingefors, CEO and co-founder of the Embracer Group, said in a press release. “Easybrain is a highly diversified growth business, establishing a market-leading position in timeless puzzles and logic games. They are a very experienced, process-driven team and a good tech platform. And with world-class UA capabilities. Easybrain has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to develop, extend and operate category-leading puzzle and logic games globally. In collaboration with Easybrain, Embracer’s mobile and We have significantly accelerated the free play business. “

Easybrain is a leading mobile game developer, with over 750 million installations of its titles and 12 million active users in 15 live games.

The first day purchase of US $ 630 million will be paid in Embracer shares.

“We are pleased that Easybrain will merge with Embracer,” said Oleg Grushevich, CEO of Easybrain. We are very proud of the team that brought the business to its current state. “We are confident that our future efforts will contribute significantly to the Group’s performance and we are excited to be part of such a great entrepreneurial group under Lars’ leadership.”


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