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Rap legend Eminem has recently been involved in the promotion of UFC 257.. A video promoting the main event featuring Eminem’s music was posted on social media after being posted by both the UFC and the rapper himself.

But Eminem seemed to have UFC President Dana White and Beef During a joint interview at the ESPN Sports Center.

“Slim Shady” shot White and told veteran MMA promoters that his opinion wasn’t important before he cursed him and ended the interview.

“The best part of your opinion is that it doesn’t matter. And all the fighters you were listening to when you suspected them, you attack the league You won’t be, so you’re an ash * le and I’m out. “

so Interview with Fara HanunWhite didn’t seem to be quarreling, suggesting that everything wasn’t what it looked like.

“Yeah,” White grinned. “Something is happening. You have to wait.”

Eminem Music video for his new single “Higher” today. The video plays a complete picture of the interaction with rapper White, showing that all the misleading diss were for fun. White seems to have been trying to further increase his interest in UFC257 by designing fake beef between him and rap superstar.

Former dual-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor is heading back to the title battle against Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier at the UFC 257 main event.

Did you think Eminem had a real problem with Dana White?

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Eminem-Dana White Beef Explained Eminem-Dana White Beef Explained

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