Empire of Sin developers say bug fixes and DLC are in progress

Empire of Sin has been released. Strategy games can get players into the Prohibition-era Chicago mix well, but they’re not without problems. Game director Brenda Romero states that fixes and updates are in progress. The expansion of DLC adds new things to do and places to go.

Romero, whose husband John is also a regular game developer, posted an image on Twitter today under the heading “Empire of Sin Quick Update.” In it, she would like to thank the players for trying out a new crime game developed with publishing support from Paradox Interactive.

“Several updates are planned,” wrote Romero. “We are dedicated to making this game as great as possible, so the feedback we get from you is very important to us. Over the coming weeks and months, the game We will continue to provide patches to improve the experience of the game. ”As Joe Robinson points out in the Empire of Sin review, the current build of the game is so buggy that it requires regular reloads, he. Calls it “basically fun but funky”.

However, Romero Games seems to be working hard to get the patch out.

Romero doesn’t share much about what’s coming next with regard to the additional content of Empire of Sin. All the player has to do is “go to the place and meet new people”. It sounds like the possibility of a new place that could be in Chicago or elsewhere in the 1920s mob world.

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