Empire Of Sin has a large patch to fix a number of issues

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Empire of sin Certainly I promised a lot. The premise is great, and the team pedigree behind it, led by none other than Brenda and John Romero, gave many reasons to be optimistic about this “gangster meeting”. XCOM“Turn-based offering.

Sadly, the Empire of Sin didn’t, as you can see if you referred to our review Pretty Respond to its appetizing potential. Part of this is in the basic game design-its management and combat system doesn’t work as expected-but it’s also full of technical issues that further diminish the experience.

We said in a review that we hope that future updates will resolve some of these issues. One such update, the captivating name 1.02.38645M, certainly seems to do it well.

Here are some patch notes that you need to digest with a hot drink while sitting in a comfortable chair:


– Fixed an issue with UI notifications that overlap with other game UIs
– Fixed an icon issue
– General UI polish
– Fixed non-clickable icon in radial menu
– Implemented additional tooltips


– Fixed an issue with skipping tutorials
– Tutorial polish
– Fixed a button that was disabled in the tutorial that needed to be activated
– Additional tutorial text


– Fixed camera issue
– Improved combat AI
– Sophisticated combat capabilities
– Fixed an issue where characters would spawn from the navigation mesh and not engage
– Combat Balance Polish
– Fixed throat slit execution
– Fixed pooling blood issue


– Updated character flags
– Adjusted lighting when seated
– Safe House Interior Variant
– Animation polish
– Lip Sync Polish
– Improved particles and lighting
– General correction and polishing


– Fixed various VO bugs
– Updated localization
– Implemented Paradox SDK for telemetry
– Fixed an issue with sitdown timeouts
– Fixed an issue with building sales
– Mission fix
– Polishing sound effects
– General audio polish
– Fixed an issue where loading game save data was delayed
– Soft rock fixed
– Faction AI Polish
– Implemented optimization
– Gameplay balance
– General bug fixes

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