Empire of Sin has been updated (version, patch notes

Empire of Sin has been updated (version, patch notes

Posted by Brian on January 3, 2021 (@NE_Brian) News, switch

The second update of Empire of Sin is available on Switch. Version contains a large number of fixes including corruption of saves, soft locks and more.

Below is a complete patch note:

  • Fixed a save corruption bug
  • Fixed a free building upgrade bug
  • Fixed a save game issue that affected some players and prevented save data from being loaded
  • Some soft rocks have been fixed.
    • When applying a batter-up effect using a home run
    • If the gang boss is in close proximity in battle but freezes before punching
    • The war has been adjusted so that the war ends if the primary attacker or primary defender is eliminated.
    • When a gang of revenge receives a melee attack in battle and is knocked back by an enemy in a counterattack
  • AI tactics could be blocked by an internal error – this is buried 6 feet below by an internal error
  • Resolved occasional reports of games freezing on loading screens. This was due to an error that caused the mission save to be corrupted.
  • When I completed “One for me brew for you”, the brewery was not reopened at this time, one month after it was completed.They are now open as usual
  • The gang teleports out of range when a large group attacks the target.All these gangsters are trapped in battle and never run away
  • Resolved an occasional freeze on the alcohol screen while playing the tutorial
  • The disappearing gang issue has been fixed, they won’t disappear anymore
  • Fixed an issue with the button to change crew, the “role” not working
  • Daniel McKee Jackson’s missing clickable option was found and reimplemented (hidden in the hat)
  • Fixed an issue where actors would silently disappear if two buildings changed racket types at the same time
  • Various UI fixes


Empire of Sin update out now (version, patch notes

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