Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Guide

Recognition leads to retention

Retention rate is related to employee awareness

  • 87% The number of corporate certification programs extends the tenure
  • that’s all 91% Many talent development professionals believe that awareness and rewards increase the likelihood that employees will stay.
  • When employees feel grateful 84% Reduced their chances of experiencing burnout
  • 78% Many workers say that being grateful motivates their work
  • Recognized employees 63% Most likely to stay in the current job within the next 3-6 months

Benefits of employee awareness

  • Promote employee retention
  • Increase employee involvement
  • Improve employee performance
  • Make employees feel value
  • Reduce turnover
  • Promote specific products and services
  • Improve customer service
  • Create a more productive team

How to Recognize Office / Hybrid Employees

  1. Please say it on a sticky note. Choose from one of these 50 employee letters of appreciation
  2. Cheers from friends. Make it easier for employees to recognize each other.
  3. Rotating trophy.. Awards are given to employees who have shown organizational value. Include a note detailing what they did to win this award.
  4. Surprise employees with a special treat. Donuts, lunch, breakfast, snacks, sweets.Head to Pinterest For some fun ways to say thank you for food!
  5. We provide opportunities for professional development. 71% of employees who believe their bosses can value their strengths feel that they are engaged in their work and feel energized. (Start from Evaluation of Clifton’s strengths For less than $ 20 per employee. )
  6. Say with a card.. Handwritten notes become a lost art, and taking the time to export one adds a special touch.
  7. Publish with gratitude.. Take a picture and talk about how grateful the staff have done and how they gained this awareness.
  8. Create a staff appreciation holiday. You can just give people a holiday, but a better approach is to actually do something together.
  9. The suggestion box is still a good idea. Suggestions boxes are a powerful tool for staff. It gives them a safe way to tell them that they may not be comfortable in other ways. It shows that you are grateful to them by giving them all possible paths of communication.
  10. Let’s have lunch and learn. Allow this to be led by employees in the company Bring an expert Enjoy learning something new as a team. Inspired employees are better than the most enthusiastic employees.

Last note: Please personally. Please be specific. Thank you often. Let’s have fun!

How to recognize virtual employees

  • Send a personalized thank you card (digital or physical)
  • Admit with public praise
  • Celebrate wedding anniversaries, milestones, birthdays
  • Treat them to a nice meal
  • Hone your skills together
  • Show them that you haven’t forgotten your personal development
  • Deliver company stolen goods and care packages to them
  • Host and learn about virtual lunch
  • Create a virtual proposal box
  • If you have any questions – ask a question. Find the most important one.

There can be a break between leadership and employees.

Understanding how to express gratitude is the same. While acknowledging that everyone’s needs and preferences are unique, one way to fill that gap is simply to ask how the team prefers to receive gratitude.

Are you thinking about developing employees?Start from Evaluation of Clifton’s strengths 30 minutes of feedback for less than $ 100 per employee.

Next step

How can you promote well-being and increase engagement throughout the year?

examination On-site workshop, Strength finder rating Also Open registration training To increase connections, reduce retention, and maximize your team.

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Employee Appreciation Day Employee Appreciation Day

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