Employment: LTU employs an assistant professor of game design

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Location: Southfield, Michigan

We are an agile, entrepreneurial, high-tech incubator, a technical college focused on critically incorporating academia into the production of new industries and industry leaders. Game design is positioned as an integral part of this journey, and we are looking for talented people in the design department to help shape the direction of the game.

We are looking for excellent, potentially unconventional candidates for tenure track positions in the ranks of assistant professors in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design Program. The appointed person joins a group of strong and collaborative educational and applied research faculty members and continues to develop pedagogical innovations in design and practice. Appointment will begin in August 2021.

Priority qualification

Candidates must hold a final degree in game design, or an accreditation body partnership (digital media, interactive media, game studies, or other closely related discipline). Candidates demonstrate the ability to develop scholarships on a clear creative or research agenda. Candidates need to identify experience in the field of knowledge in line with industry-standard processes, procedures, technologies, and practices. Candidates with experience in game engine, game theory, interactive, experiential, or digital interface design will be prioritized. It is desirable to have a thorough understanding of the design methodology.

We offer courses, a positive approach to skill-based or studio-based design pedagogy, and a history of working across disciplines with other designers, scientists, scholars, artists, and non-gaming disciplines. Designed to seek colleagues with. Candidates are interested in interdisciplinary opportunities to link their knowledge of game design to parallel design disciplines represented by Lawrence Tech’s University of Architecture and Design (Architecture, Transportation Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design). Must be documented.

Candidates who demonstrate a combination of lecture / seminar-based teaching experience at the design studio and university level, and the ability to collaborate and promote with diverse student groups are prioritized.

University of Architecture and Design

The University of Architecture and Design (CoAD) offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of design-related disciplines with an emphasis on professional practice and innovation. With the Detroit Center for Design and Technology (DCDT), the college leverages its location through industry-sponsored projects, research collaboration, and community engagement. The college fosters broader interdisciplinary debate within the university and believes that design plays a central role in student education.

The Faculty of Architectural Design at Lawrence Technological University believes that people should feel embraced and valued. We support a diverse culture of inclusiveness, which is a core design value, rather than an overlaid policy. We believe that belonging leads to pride in our work and enhances our passion for engaging. This should lead to standards of excellence, innovation and social responsibility across disciplines, programs or departments. We have a full group of students focused on supporting minorities (Indian Student Association, Black Student Union, Muslim Student Association), Veterans (LTU Veterans Group) and LGTBQ (OUT! At LTU with Friends). Supports.

Required application documents

Candidates who are interested should email a single PDF smaller than 20MB.

The PDF should include:

  1. Letter of interest
  2. Resume
  3. A list of three references, including contact information
  4. A portfolio of related professional, academic, or creative work
  5. A portfolio of student works (if applicable)
  6. Statement explaining the applicant’s academic and pedagogical philosophy
  7. Statement on Applicant’s proven approach to diversity and inclusiveness

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