Employment: Participated in Crate Entertainment as a senior tech artist

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Crate Entertainment, creator of Grim Dawn, is looking for a 3D tech artist who is passionate about working with the team to achieve the technical and aesthetic goals of the next game. The main mission begins with an unreleased game being developed on Unreal Engine. As such, the ideal candidate will have expertise in Unreal Engine and tools that can be leveraged for the benefit of other team members.

Currently, several projects are underway using both commercial and proprietary engines. The crate is a small but well-funded and independent studio that does not require publishers or investors. Our culture is casual and BS-free, but we also take pride in efficiency and effort. The crate has no physical office and has always been operated in a remote telecommuting model.


  • Contribute to the creation of 3D art assets in various projects. Currently, there is no specific character or environment role. Therefore, you should be willing to work on either or both as needed.
  • Helps set up tools, workflows, and materials / shaders for other content creators.
  • Work with engineers to maintain and optimize game performance.
  • Work with designers and engineers to quickly iterate and improve your gameplay system and features.


  • Over 4 years of industry experience with work experience in Unreal Engine.
  • At least one credit for released PC / console games.
  • Familiar with 3D Studio Max
  • Learn UE4 blueprints, material editors, shader graphs, cascades, and post-processing.
  • Understanding the UE4 art and animation process and pipeline
  • Voluntary with the ability and initiative to evaluate your own work, keep improving it, and bring it to an extraordinary level of quality.
  • The ability to effectively collaborate and communicate with team members and handle the possibility of working on multiple projects at the same time.
  • You must live or be willing to relocate to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, California, or Florida (for salary and tax logistics). The crate can support the transfer cost.

Desired qualification

  • I love RPGs and strategy games.
  • The ability to rig, animate and implement character animations is a big plus.
  • Experience in creating effects
  • Enjoy working in a semi-realistic and detailed art style, as you can see in existing games.

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