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Endometriosis impacts women’s careers, Finnish study reveals

Endometriosis It is not “career woman’s disease” as it was once known, but it has a great impact on women’s careers.

A two-year study of about 4,000 women in Finland found that women with endometriosis took more than 10 days of illness, even at age 46, compared to women without endometriosis. I did. They also claimed that they had an average of 10 more days of disability.

The good news is that Finnish scientists did not find patterns of early retirement or unemployment when examining data from 348 participants with endometriosis. Nevertheless, the survey was conducted in countries with relatively good health, welfare and retirement systems. It’s unclear if that applies elsewhere.

“As far as we know, this is the first general population-level study of the association between endometriosis and work capacity,” the authors say. write..

Endometriosis is a chronic and often painful illness, and despite the rich history of possible theories, no cause or cure is known. For decades, medical textbooks actually called endometriosis “”.Career woman disease‘.

Traditionally, those type A individuals Those who postponed marriage and pregnancy to pursue a career He was more likely to develop the disease. As a result, patients were often given only two treatment options: becoming pregnant or undergoing a hysterectomy.

Today, the concept of “career woman’s disease” is thoroughly exposed. New studies now suggest that it is not the woman’s career path that shapes her illness, but vice versa.

2011 analysis For example, in 10 countries, each woman affected by endometriosis loses an average of 10.8 hours of work per week because her symptoms make it much more difficult to complete her tasks. I found out that.

In 2013, Research In the United States, we found that patients with endometriosis experience quite a lot of sick leave each year. Their pain and malaise made it much more difficult, even when they were able to work well.

In addition, the longer it takes a person to be diagnosed with an end, the more likely they are to suffer in the long run.

Retrospective exhibition the study People with end generally have low salaries, suggesting slow salary growth.

Even in countries with good social welfare, such as Switzerland, Germany and Austria, women with endometriosis Say They live with chronic pain and malaise and are unable to work in the profession they desire.

Almost all of these previous studies agree that endometriosis has a serious impact on a person’s work life, but how the new Finnish study will affect older professionals as well. This is the first study to investigate.

End symptoms often relieve with age and menopause, but their findings suggest that people with end continue to have significantly more ill days than other women aged 46 years. I have.

Fortunately, the disease does not seem to cause unemployment or force the early retirement of disabled people, but endometriosis has a wide range of symptoms and severity.

Treatments like surgery and hormones may work, but others Experience chronic pain with a little relief..

In that case, it makes sense that patients with milder cases will continue to be employed at later ages, even if they have far more sick leave than most sick leave.

“Therefore,” author Admit, “Women who are still employed late in childbirth after suffering associated with endometriosis have the mildest phenotype of the disease, which may underestimate the actual effects of endometriosis. May be healthy or otherwise healthy. “

On the other hand, others in more severe cases were unable to participate in the study because they may have lost their jobs or had to retire early in their lives.

Further research is needed, especially at the population level, to be able to quantify the effects of this very common disease.

For too long, complaints from patients with endometriosis have never been heard or have been completely rejected. It’s about time I started paying attention.

The study was published in Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica..

Endometriosis impacts women’s careers, Finnish study reveals Endometriosis impacts women’s careers, Finnish study reveals

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