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#EndSARSMemorial: Nigerian police arrest protesters and harass journalists

NS Nigerian police #EndSARSMemorial Arrested several protesters at the Lekki tollhouse, the venue for the protests.

According to Moechievous, a member of the Feminist Union. This coalition is one of the major civil society organizations that defended the End Sars campaign.

One of the arrested was a journalist identified as Abisola Alawode of, while others were seen holding placards, as well as unidentified protesters. Includes Achebe Okechukwu and Okechukwu Peter.

“Some detainees spoke to journalists while in a police car. This infuriated police officers when they reportedly drove from a van to a private location. “She added to the verified social media handle.

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From a video shared by Moechievous, Alawode, a journalist was dragged by his belt into a police van parked nearby.

He confirmed to a colleague that he had left his ID in transit but had parked a car with a driver’s license somewhere.

Arawode also claimed that a policeman had hit him in the van.

Another journalist on Arise TV was also allegedly harassed by security guards for not hanging his ID card around his neck, but was not arrested because other journalists gathered on the defense.

“They asked us to stop recording and taking pictures. Then they tried to force us to take pictures from our reporters,” AriseTv’s reporter told national television.

Police warned that anyone coming to the Recce tollhouse must bring an ID card.

Lagos Police Commissioner Hakeem Odumosu said Wednesday that he would deploy all legitimate means to stop or neutralize planned protests in commemoration of the #EndSARS anniversary.

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#EndSARSMemorial: Nigerian police arrest protesters and harass journalists #EndSARSMemorial: Nigerian police arrest protesters and harass journalists

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