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Engineers supporting NHVR with council assets

Queensland Public Works Engineers Peak Body to Support SLGAAP

Sal Petroccitto

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is a Strategic Municipal Asset Valuation Project (SLGAAP) working with the Queensland Institute for Public Works Engineering (IPWEAQ).

The Queensland Peak Agency, backed by utilities engineers, will support the project, including supporting the development of an asset valuation framework.

SLGAAP is a federal-funded initiative that helps local governments carry out heavy vehicle valuations on their own street assets such as bridges and culverts.

Council nominated for a $ 8 million project to support critical routes

The move is due to a Victorian Audit Director’s (VAGO) investigation that the state council found lacking the comprehensive data needed for cost-effective and effective road maintenance. ..

The report states that the five target councils “lack of detailed cost data needed for performance analysis and benchmarking” to determine whether road maintenance programs are cost-effective. I will.

We encourage all Victorian Parliaments to consider road surveying methods and consider options for incorporating technically advanced surveying equipment.

The Australian Municipal Association (ALGA) states that the 2021 National Assets (NSoA) report has reached the stage of data validation and analysis and will be published at the same time as the June National Assembly. I will.

“One of the main objectives of the NSoA project is to provide aggregated data and performance trends for local roads and other local council asset groups to ensure that they are properly repaired and meet the needs of the community. That’s what ALGA says.

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Engineers supporting NHVR with council assets Engineers supporting NHVR with council assets

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