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The governing body says it will turn to science again to persuade the government to allow golf to remain open

Jeremy Tomlinson, CEO of England Golf, said the governing body will try to change the government’s view of closing golf courses during the blockade.

Speaking of The club closed the door for the third time since the coronavirus pandemic began. In March last year, he said the goal was to help Whitehall “make better decisions.”

Tom Linson told Sky Sports News: “I don’t know if I’ll make a U-turn, but I’m definitely trying to convince you. I’m not going to give up. Like my team, I have passion and energy. Craig Tracey He leads a parliamentary group of golf.

“We believe we have published science before. Let’s do it again. We find the most constructive way to help the government make better decisions about opening a golf course. I’m trying. “

Announced as Prime Minister Boris Johnson, decision to stop sports again Commanded the country to “be at home” Faced with a surge in Covid-19 cases and new variants, it would have surprised the main body of the game.

Tracy, chairman of the Golf Parliamentary Group, said he was confident that golf could meet future limits when the club reopened after being closed for nearly four weeks in early December.

Currently, government ministers have suggested that the current blockade could last until at least March, and Tomlinson said England Golf only wants people to exercise as they wish. ..

He added: “We don’t want clubs to open. We just want people to be able to exercise with their favorite choices. We don’t touch other people’s equipment. You naturally Keep a distance socially. It’s really another way to walk.

“So we’re going to keep it. We’re trying to find a way to help them understand.”

Should golf trade associations fight for the reopening of a golf course, or should the blockade take that course?Let us know in the comments, or Tweet..

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England Golf: Never Stop Fighting To Keep The Golf Course Open England Golf: Never Stop Fighting To Keep The Golf Course Open

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