Enrollment in the SME program to lower Apple’s rates begins

Developers can now enroll in the App Store Small Business Program. This halves the cost of the iOS platform from 30% to 15% for small creators.

Among the explainers posted on the Apple Developer website, the company confirmed that the person considering registration is an account holder of the Apple Developer Program and confirmed the latest paid app contract posted in December 2020. And said that you need to agree.

The company also said that developers who submitted their registration by 10 am (Pacific Standard Time) on December 18, 2020 will begin to benefit from the program on January 1, 2021.

Only developers with revenue throughput of less than $ 1 million in 2020 will be eligible for the small business program, but developers who have already exceeded that threshold may be eligible in the future if revenue declines. There is.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the initiative in November, saying iPhone makers “want to help small businesses write the next chapter on creativity and prosperity on the App Store.”

“The App Store is the driving force behind unparalleled economic growth, creating millions of new jobs and paving the way for entrepreneurship accessible to anyone with great ideas,” Cook said. Continued. “Our new program drives that progress. We keep developers funding small businesses, taking risks with new ideas, expanding teams and enriching people’s lives. We support.”

Details of the small business program can be found on the Apple Developer website along with the registration link.

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