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Enterprises change IT priorities and focus more on emerging technologies

An increasing number of companies are changing the priority of information technology in response to changes in consumer consumption habits and market uncertainty. According to a recent report From enterprise analytics software provider Teradata. This report surveyed IT decision makers from companies around the world to determine where to focus their IT investments over the next year.

Market volatility, emerging technologies, and cloud readiness are top priorities, according to respondents working for companies with more than 1,000 employees in a variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, distribution, and transportation.

According to the report, 87% of companies are rethinking their IT investment after 2022 due to the economic impact of the pandemic. This is mainly due to recent significant changes in consumer spending and market uncertainty. More than 90% of respondents said that reassessing IT investments, modernizing cloud architectures, improving data management and analytics, etc. are among the top investment areas needed to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. It states.

Respondents also identified a variety of emerging technologies as key areas of future spending, including multi-cloud infrastructure, IoT, 5G, edge computing, AI, and data analytics. According to the report’s authors, this is a globally accepted view, with IT leaders in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific / Japan citing emerging technologies as a top investment priority. 90% of respondents cited emerging technologies such as automation. Can impact the transformation of the organization over the next three years, with three in four IT decision makers saying that the organization’s digital transformation efforts or lack of them are key emerging technologies such as: I agreed that it could be an obstacle to achieving the full benefits. AI and machine learning.

Enterprises are also working on the speed of the leap to the cloud. More than 80% expressed concern that “cloud incompatibility” could be a significant barrier to accelerating digital transformation efforts.

“Today, organizations understand that they need to leverage key emerging technologies such as AI and multi-cloud infrastructure to maintain their competitive advantage. In fact, IT decision makers 87% felt they were at risk of lagging behind in the competition, “said Steve McMillan, president and CEO of Teradata, in a statement announcing the release of the report. “Companies are moving to other new technology initiatives such as modernizing their architecture, leveraging the cloud, enabling AI on a large scale, and leveraging the intelligent edge to reach their full potential. You need to dial up your investment. In doing so, they combine new and innovative data sources with their own to gain the insights they need to drive dime-centric and large-scale innovation. You can continue. “

Enterprises change IT priorities and focus more on emerging technologies Enterprises change IT priorities and focus more on emerging technologies

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