Entertainment Software Association of Canada Discovers Canadians Playing More Games During Covid-19

The Entertainment Software Association of Canada conducted a survey on the Canadian gaming industry. Some findings focus on the ongoing pandemic and how to play video games while at home. ESAC reports survey results every two years to identify how, what, where and why Canadians play video games.

“This year, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada will release data for Real Canadian Gamer – Essential Facts 2020 at an unprecedented time,” said Jayson Hilchie, CEO of ESAC. “Canadas spend more time at home on leisure, working from home, and health as they support physical distance health measures to stop the COVID-19 epidemic. . “

ESAC report Real Canadian Gamers-Important Facts, And it has some really interesting information about our home habits. Did you know that the average age of adult games is 38 years old, for starters? Pressing that note, the gender division of adult gamers is 50/50 from male to female.

If you didn’t think your mobile device was the main platform for games, that’s fine. Most of us play games on our iPhone or Android and play them on the go or while watching Netflix in a short amount of time. However, children and teens consider the console to be the true winner.

“More than 40% of parent gamers spend a lot of time playing video games with their children during a pandemic. 69% (6-12) of parents with children play video games with their children. 60% of parent gamers in their teens (ages 13-17) played video games with their teens, ”Hilchie continues. “96% of parents of gamers (ages 6-12) have an ESRB rating system that is especially suitable for their children.”

In western Saskatchewan, Canada has the highest number of video game players per capita, 68% playing regularly, averaging 10 hours per week. Think of the most popular genres of games as happening to be puzzles and word games. I’m surprised because my parents are playing these, but I’m not shocked at all by this news.

What I don’t understand is the popularity of esports games, but according to ESAC, more Canadians are participating in esports as a view that 40% of Canadian gamers are watching content. I will. Looking at the breakdown, 41% of adults and 46% of children and teens are streaming as viewers.

Not surprisingly, 40% of Canadian adults play solo online, another 40% play with friends and others, 20% play with someone else in the room, and finally 30% are players. And play online.

ESAC has observed that while we are playing more video games at home, there are no “substantially new video game consumers.”

Here is a detailed, freely readable, insightful PDF.


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