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Enveyo launches alerts, a delivery experience management solution for customers.

Provo, Utah (October 19, 2021)-Enveyo, a leading transportation management system (TMS) and logistics optimization software provider, today announced the launch of Alerting, a delivery experience management solution for its customers. Alerting provides real-time visibility throughout the parcel shipping lifecycle, providing e-commerce shippers with the ability to increase brand loyalty while increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

Alerting is the latest addition to the Enveyo suite of logistics optimization software products such as predictive analytics applications, modeling, comprehensive business intelligence reporting tools, Insights, intuitive TMS, Cloudroute, and career performance auditing solution Audit. is. This comprehensive set of solutions makes Enveyo the only logistics software platform that enables end-to-end supply chain visibility on a single SaaS platform.

Managing the customer’s delivery experience has become an integral part of the e-commerce environment, as shoppers demand more visibility and consistent communication throughout the package journey. Alerts solve this challenge for shippers by enabling real-time shipping notifications across key milestones from package creation to delivery, and delivery exceptions.

Benefits of E-Commerce Delivery with Enveyo Alerting Delivery Experience Software:

• Strengthen customer communication and build trust and brand loyalty through real-time shipping notifications. From order creation to package delivery to unexpected delivery exceptions, customers continue to interact with the brand through several key milestones along the package journey.

• Create a seamless customer delivery experience through email or SMS notifications that can be configured to customize the carrier’s unique messaging and brand style.

• Extend your brand experience with a white-label landing page that details the complete status and progress history of your package with the ability to add dynamic product placement and announcements.

To help e-commerce shippers make intelligent data-driven decisions, shipping lifecycle reports are available for all shipments in your organization, both ready-to-use and customizable dashboards. By providing insights into the data, shippers can spend less time cleaning and analyzing the data. Time to build brand loyalty.

“Data collection and management is an ongoing challenge for shippers,” said John Errebo, co-founder and CTO of Enveyo. “We have a mission to help organizations leverage their data and technology to drive transportation decisions that transform their businesses. The introduction of alerts is another exciting step forward in that mission. “

Coby Nilsson, Co-Founder and CEO of Enveyo, said: From the moment of purchase to the moment the doorbell rings, consumers want transparency. We are pleased that Alerting allows that level of transparency and interaction between businesses and end consumers to further establish trust and brand loyalty. “

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About Enveyo

Enveyo is revolutionizing the way technology drives logistics. As the only multi-carrier parcel TMS provider that enables end-to-end supply chain visibility, organizations use Enveyo’s cloud-based solution suite to optimize their transportation operations. Powered by a robust enterprise data management platform, Enveyo provides real-time access to meaningful reports for industry-wide customer efficiency, including retail, healthcare, finance, government, aerospace, fulfillment, and third-party logistics companies. To increase. For more information on how Enveyo is revolutionizing logistics, please visit

Enveyo launches alerts, a delivery experience management solution for customers. Enveyo launches alerts, a delivery experience management solution for customers.

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