Ep. 613-Godzilla vs. Kong (Guest: Max Evry on ComingSoon.net) – / Film

David, Devindra, and Jeff provide up-to-date information on COVID vaccines, moving, and box office performance. For feature reviews, the cast ComingSoon.net, to review Godzilla vs Kong..

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Shownotes (all timestamps are approximate)
What we are seeing (~ 22: 00)

David – Back (AMC +), WeWork: Or $ 47 Billion Unicorn Manufacture and Destruction (Hulu)

Devindra – Fortunately

Jeff-Infinity Baby, Last Big Hit

Function (~ 56: 45)
Godzilla vs Kong
Spoilers (~ 1:17:49)


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Ep. 613-Godzilla vs. Kong (Guest: Max Evry on ComingSoon.net) – / Film

https://www.slashfilm.com/ep-613-godzilla-vs-kong-guest-max-evry-from-comingsoon-net/ Ep. 613-Godzilla vs. Kong (Guest: Max Evry on ComingSoon.net) – / Film

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