Epic asks Fortnite leakers not to leak Chapter 3

Fortnite Chapter 3 is about to end, and Epic wants to keep the content of its release secret. Therefore, developers are asking the leaker not to leak anything. Some of the game’s most prominent data miners report receiving a message from Epic asking them not to leak content. Battle royale game During future downtime.

iFireMonkey, Shiina BR, When HypeX All reports have received a message from Epic asking them not to post the leak in Chapter 3. Data miners are currently discussing with developers how to achieve this realistically. Some are still deciding whether to follow Epic’s guidance.

“I was trying to think about how this works for a while today.” iFireMonkey says, “And I feel that if anyone can leak an update, no matter who can post it, there’s no reason not to post the leak. Wait a minute.”

I contacted Epic for comment. We will update it as soon as we know the details.

Fortnite leaks usually come from data mining, as Epic often contains information and content about future updates of previous patches. The data miner digs up these details from the game file and posts information about these upcoming features. At this point, few Fortnite updates launch as a real surprise.

Given how the previous event was executed Chapter 2 End Time And that Fortnite Chapter 3 Release Date.. During that maintenance period, we usually see data miners digging deeper into additional insights into what’s coming. Maybe this time it will be a little less.

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