Epic Game Store Epic Mega Sale is back

Epic Game Store “Epic Mega Sale” Plus, we’re back with four weeks of great free games, exclusive PC offers, $ 10 epic coupons, and incredible discounts on major titles! The sale starts today and lasts until June 17th.

Vault is open: Claim NBA 2K21 for free now!

You have never been closer to the game. NBA 2K21 Bringing the next generation of basketball with breathtaking graphics that offers a whole new and realistic experience.

Players can now request it for free and complete their shots! This offer will be available until May 27, 2021 11:00 EST, when The Vault will publish the next free title. Pay attention to every Thursday.

Epic coupons are back

Players can earn $ 10 epic coupons for full game purchases of $ 14.99 and above. During the Epic Mega Sale, players can earn different coupons each time they use a coupon!

The $ 10 epic coupon can be used in new games such as: Unexplored 2 (Currently in Early Access), and Whetstone!! Learn more about Epic Coupons and the products you can buy with them.

Players who have already pre-purchased eligible games to be released during the Epic MEGA sale (May 20th to June 17th, 2021) will be able to earn a $ 10 Epic coupon (or local equivalent). You can get a partial refund. Know that we have your back, sit down, relax and enjoy some games. You will receive a refund email notification when your pre-purchased game is released on the Epic Games Store. Refunds will be refunded from the original payment method used at the time of pre-purchase.

For more information on the Epic Mega Sale, see the entire announcement here.

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The Epic Games Store Epic MEGA Sale is back

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