Epic Games has $ 1 billion in funding, including $ 200 million from Sony •

To support the “Long-term Vision of Metaverse”.

Fortnite maker Epic Games has raised $ 1 billion to support the “Long-Term Vision of the Metaverse.”

One-fifth ($ 200 million) comes from Sony, the owner of PlayStation, and seems to further strengthen its already close relationship with Epic.

In a press release, Epic listed more than 12 non-gaming companies that put together that $ 1 billion. Sony, which frequently distributes free Fortnite cosmetics via PlayStation Plus, got a special mention:

“This round includes an additional $ 200 million in strategic investment from Sony Group Corporation, which builds on the already close relationship between the two companies and is at the forefront of technology, entertainment and society. Strengthen our common mission to move forward.-Connected online services. “

Epic said it is currently worth $ 28.7 billion and that his boss Tim Sweeney remains the controlling shareholder.

“Thanks to new and existing investors for supporting the vision of Epic and Metaverse,” said Sweeney. “Their investment helps accelerate the task of building a connected social experience with Fortnite, Rocket League, and FallGuys while empowering game developers and creators at Unreal Engine, Epic Online Services, and the Epic Games Store. I will. “

The Ready Player One-like Metaverse may still look fantasy, but Epic Games has been revealing for years that this is where it sets its goals. Fortnite broke the platform holder wall around cross-play and put together a rival brand through collaboration. And everyone seems to be spared (except Nintendo) from being included.

PlayStation today announced the latest Fortnite collaboration. Following Kratos’ debut last year, the Horizon Zero Dawn star Aloy has arrived. For Fortnite, this is another celebrity on the roster of movie, television, and game stars. For Sony, this is Alloy’s debut on the Nintendo and Xbox platforms. This is a great marketing exposure for the brand ahead of the next sequel to Horizon.

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