Epic Games Store Announces New Free Titles Next Week

It’s Thursday morning, so you know what that means. Epic Games today announced the latest titles available for free within a week at the storefront. And now, the game that joins the service is one of the most popular strategic titles released in the last few years.

Paradox Interactive’s Surviving Mars will be available in stores shortly, with a free launch next week on March 11th. The strategic title was first released in 2018 and has been supported by a large amount of new content ever since. As the name implies, the game is played on Mars and players are working to build a livable civilization on the Red Planet. As usual, Surviving Mars is free for a week until March 18th.

Prior to that, this week’s free titles were actually published within the last hour. Wargame: Red Dragon can be added to its own Epic library from now until next week on March 11th. Like SurvivingMars, this game is part of the strategy genre. If you are a fan of this style of game, there are many things you will be happy with EGS right now.

Of course, as usual with these free services, if you don’t add either to your library within this setup period, the only way you can get each later is to pay: normal. And if you don’t want to download either game to your PC, you can now add both to your library for permanent use.

You can download the latest one Mars trainer who survived From WeMod.

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