Epic Games vs. Apple Trial Date Set

The trial between Epic Games and Apple will begin on May 3, 2021. According to MacRumors, the trial date was set by Northern California Judge Yvonne Gonzalez of the US District Court after the Executive Meeting. The trial follows the fierce battle between the two companies that has been going on since August. Epic Games has long accused Apple and Google of reducing in-app purchases as a form of “payment monopoly,” but when Epic Games released an update to Fortnite that violated Apple’s Terms of Service, things went wrong. Has reached its limit. As a result, the game was removed from the App Store, triggering Epic’s current proceedings.

Judge Gonzales believes it will be in the national interest, so the trial will obviously take place directly. This may vary depending on the coronavirus pandemic situation, but the court is considering taking some safety precautions. These include court distance, limited occupancy, and the requirement that those involved in the trial be quarantined for two weeks from the date of the trial. Consideration for the health of some witnesses will be considered. Even if the trial is forced to switch to the online format, it will be held on the same day. Judge Gonzales expects it to last a couple of weeks, but Epic Games is pushing for a longer trial that lasts four to five weeks. The exact period has not been set.

It will be interesting to see how the trial is conducted. Apple claims that reducing in-app purchases is fair and protects users. Epic Games was also clearly aware that it violated the company’s Terms of Service when it released the update. Hours after Apple announced the removal of the game, Epic released a trailer parody of Apple’s famous “1984” Super Bowl XVIII ad, portraying the company as Orwell’s villain. If Epic Games wins the proceedings, it can have a dramatic impact on how games are displayed on the App Store and other digital marketplaces.

Since the trial date has been set, the details seem to come early rather than later. For now, Fortnite fans need to see how things evolve between the two companies.

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