Epic v Apple’s trial began on public phone lines and continued to be confused •

There’s a lot of juicy information out there right now from the Epic Games v Apple trial. The news that Sony charges publishers for cross-play is just one of the main headlines. But before everyone had the chance to hear this, the trial began with a rather chaotic conference call. In public trials, anyone could dial in and listen to the minutes. It was quickly flooded with violent Fortnite fans.

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As reported by The Verge, over 200 people dialed in to hear the trial over the phone line. Many people realized that they could actually talk on the phone and used it to shout “free Fortnite” (a hashtag initiated by Epic to protest the removal of Fortnite from Google Play and the App Store). Others have begged the judge to allow the game to be returned to mobile devices. Some just used it to chat and play Travis Scott’s songs, while others had the opportunity to connect to a YouTube channel.

If you want to know how this genocide sounded, quartz reporter Nicholas Libero recorded a brief excerpt. “I’m talking to you to get Fortnite Mobile back,” says one fan.

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The court clerk eventually succeeded in muting everyone so that the trial could begin, but it took several attempts to do so and the procedure was delayed by 15 minutes. I don’t think the court system was prepared for the frenzy of Fortnite’s fan base, but I think giving them all access to voice chat was probably not part of the plan.

The Epic Games v Apple Trial, launched yesterday, will determine if Fortnite will be allowed to return to the App Store. Epic claims that Apple’s 30% store price is exclusive, and Apple says Epic is simply trying to cut costs.

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