Episode 6 update for Phantasy Star Online 2 coming next week

Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting an important update next week to signal the arrival of the next chapter in the MMORPG story. In addition to the new story content, Episode 6 will include Phantom and Etoile classes to check out, and the level cap will be raised to 95. All Episode 6 content will be released for free on December 9th.

The story of Episode 6 will be taken after Omega was able to get rid of a huge black hole. As long as ARKS finds a new enemy in the form of the extinct goddess Shiva, who declares war on the entire universe, victory will not continue. It’s up to the player to confront the fleet of spaceships that Sega calls “the biggest battle in ARKS history.”

Players will be able to participate in the battle against Shiva while playing as two new classes. Phantom classes can use rods, katana, and assault rifles to damage enemies, and weapon actions to change photon arts. The Etoile class, on the other hand, specializes in support and close quarters combat. These defensive characters, wielding blades and wands, can restore party members’ HP and PP during combat.

As far as new quests are concerned, PSO2 is adding a new urgent quest called the Armada of Annihilation: Interception. This is tied to the content of the new story, which will be the battle of the universe by the Goddess of Extinction. In addition, there are new risk exploration quests and level-up quests that will give players a special gift and 200% experience upon completion.

Players will find themselves confronting two new types of enemies during these missions. Luminmech is heavily armored and causes a great deal of damage, which poses considerable challenges. Even more scary is the Ultra Enemy type. This is an evolution of the enemies and false spawns found on each planet. These enemies are found in risk exploration missions and are classified as “super hard”. However, players can unlock by defeating powerful weapons, so there is good reason to confront the enemy.

To address these new challenges, Sega has added two summoner pets to PSO2. Harvey is an evolution of Red Run and has a genius personality type. This means that Harvey will increase PP recovery, photon arts performance, and normal attack damage to the boss. Another new pet is the evolved and aggressive type of Balkan of Synchro. Vulcans can use damage kicks, dealing more damage with bomb and strike attacks than with previous forms.

Episode 6 concludes the busy year of PSO2. At PSO2, Sega’s popular MMO is finally released on Xbox One and PC in North America, arriving on Steam for a memorable crossover of Persona and NieR: Automata. The New Genesis extension will be released next year, but it does not replace the base game.

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