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Some of the best moments of this year’s aggressive football for the Pittsburgh Steelers are when they are performing a flockless attack. Often there are four wide receivers in the field, but they are far from it and are now usually backfielded by James Connor.

Offenses have obvious advantages when performing offenses without huddle, especially if you have an experienced quarterback who can diagnose your defenses. For one thing, it forbids defenses to be able to replace players as usual. After all, that’s why the team does it, but it’s always difficult to do.

And while quarterback Ben Roethlisberger made a statement earlier this year, which basically had to retreat gradually, literally or arrogantly, it played in the soil. I haven’t drawn it. “”It’s just play and we would have to ask someone else because we don’t know how to look and explain it best, but it worked.“He told reporters after the match about Juju Smith-Schuster’s touchdown.

This joked that Roethlisberger painted “in the soil” after the reporter asked him if it was a play “on the spot.” But the reality, and ever, is that they are not ad lib in the sense that they were invented without practice. This is what Eric Ebron talked about earlier today.

“”All of those plays that Ben would call were all the plays we would practiceThe veteran tight end said, in contrast to the round-eyed rookie Chase Claypool’s year-round remarks about quarterback magical abilities. “And it may look like Ben is making things, but no, we are practicing this thing.”

“It’s a situation where you put the receiver far outside and perform a draw or throw it outside,” he added. “That’s what we’ve been practicing for the past three weeks or so. These are how to recreate and create problems for the opposite defense when we fall into a situation that requires an attack. It’s about understanding what to do. That’s really it. “

The Steelers, and almost every team, let players know all the positions they might play, ideally every play, not what they are assigned to do in that play. Asks you to understand as a concept.

If that particular player has never played that particular play from that particular position, but can still perform the play or route concept, what can do this without a huddle? Because he understands what it is, what he is asked to do. It’s not a streetball. I’m ready.

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Eric Ebron talks about Drawup in the Dirt No Huddle Offense: “We’re doing this.” Eric Ebron talks about Drawup in the Dirt No Huddle Offense: “We’re doing this.”

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