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Jackson Bill Jaguar needs to add depth to the cornerback.

Jackson Bill Jaguar now has Secured the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL DraftMay be used to take Trevor Lawrence in the Clemson quarterback. However, there are 10 more options at your disposal, so you should consider choosing one at Georgia’s cornerback, Erics Talks.

Stokes is in the draft next year, According to The Athletic’s Seth Emerson.. He played nine games in 2020, scoring a total of 20 tackles, 4 pass defenses and 4 pass cuts. For the off-season, Georgia’s prominent presence draws attention and climbs a big board.He ended up His name is called as early as the first round..

How does Eric Stokes harmonize with Jacksonville Jaguar?

Jaguar has many needs in almost every defensive position group.Their defensive lines may need maximum boost, but their cornerback rooms can certainly use facelifts DJ Hayden And Sydney Jones After the 2020 season, I will be a free agent. The team was able to bring one or the other, but it would be better to add depth to the position.

Rookie cornerback CJ Henderson It’s possible to hold one cornerback starting point, but it’s unclear who will play against him. Treherdon Having started 24 games in the last two seasons, the team’s brass will probably be upgraded.

The first overall pick is premature to pick Stokes, but “Jugs” can use his second first round selection, which is predicted to be 21st. The problem with that is that Georgia cornerbacks may not be on the board by the time they get on the watch again. They can always trade up if they are really likely to be him. On the one hand, they may be calm and want him to be at the time they choose.

Choosing Trevor Lawrence in the first overall choice seems easy, but using the 21st choice may require further consideration, and Stokes is a player worth targeting. May become.

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Eric Stokes joins 2021 NFL draft Eric Stokes joins 2021 NFL draft

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