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Ericsson finished 12th in IndyCar last year, which is much more consistent than the rookie season at Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsport, but it’s still possible to recreate the podium he won in Detroit in 2019. I could not do it.

A former F1 driver says he needs to speed up one lap in qualifying to show how strong his race pace has been.

“Last year we were very happy with the consistency and we were in the top 10 almost everywhere,” said Ericsson, who finished the year with nine top 10 finishes.

“Last year, or last year, the biggest problem I had was qualifying on the road and street courses. It was strong in the race, but it’s too difficult to start and win the midpack in a series like this. I will.

“That was the biggest focus for us, my team. To be honest, Chip Ganassi Racing as a whole. As a team, we have a little difficulty with all the cars in qualifying on the road and street courses. I think I felt it.

“I’ve been looking at myself, thinking about what I can do to improve it, and trying to better understand the tires.

“I think it was about trying to switch on the tires for qualifying. I think that was one of the big areas where we as a team and as a driver had a little trouble.

“We don’t get red tires [softer-compound Firestones] We’re still doing a lot of work in the tests, and I feel like we’ve made some progress there.

“It’s very interesting to see if we can start a slightly higher qualifying when we arrive at Barber in the first race. If we can do that, we’ll be on the podium. [the first win is] On the way.

“I think my racecraft was stronger than anyone else last year, so don’t worry. I’m confident that if I can qualify in advance, I’ll be on the podium and win.”

That said, Ericsson has adapted well to all types of ovals on IndyCar’s schedule, aiming for “breakthrough results for ovals.”

The Swedes’ best result on the oval course was his 5th place finish at last year’s Opening Gateway Race, beating his 7th place at the 2019 Texas Motor Speedway.

He states: “Since I first came to IndyCar, I’ve been very happy with the oval shape and realized that it suits my driving style, and I think it was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t that big. It’s still a result.

“I finished 5th in Gateway Race 1. It was a good result, but I think there are many more.

“Yes, I’m certainly looking for a big result with one of the ovals. Maybe a big one. That’s good.”

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Ericsson aims for stronger qualifying and oval breakthroughs at IndyCar Ericsson aims for stronger qualifying and oval breakthroughs at IndyCar

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