Erika Jayne accuses blackmail lawyer Ronald Richards

Erika Jayne accused the lawyer of having filed a proceeding for blackmail, prompted another Twitter debate, and denied her allegations.

Erika Jayne accused of extortion after lawyer Ronald Richards offered Beverly Hills real housewife Star the transaction if she voluntarily returns it Reportedly stolen $ 25 million by Tom Girardi.. Erica’s estranged husband has been accused of stealing millions of dollars from a settlement intended to go to the victims of a plane crash. Erica claims she knew nothing about her husband’s alleged crime before her arrest, but most fans didn’t buy it. In a recent episode, Erica exploded in Sutton and admitted that she didn’t believe she was 100 percent true. She promised many times that Tom would come after her in the proceedings if Sutton continued to speak that way. Many fans and Sutton have found this confusing, as Erica has so far portrayed Tom as an old man and helpless.

About a month ago, a $ 25 million proceeding was formally filed against Erica.Prosecutor Ronald offered Erica trades when she returns the money It owes to the victim. He revealed in an interview that the transaction did not last forever, at which time she had only 10 days to accept or reject the terms of the transaction. In response to Erica’s claim that the lawyers involved were only interested in getting the fee, Ronald said he was willing to waive the fee and give the victim $ 25 million if Erica agreed to the deal. I did. He says that if she really cares about helping the victims, she will pay back the money to those who need it most.

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Erica is now calling for Ronald’s terms of trade blackmail and calling him on Twitter.Initially, Ronald tweeted at EricaReminds her that she has seven days left to accept his deal. Erica replied to the tweetClaimed that it sounded like blackmail to her. Ronald It was unfriendly to be accused of blackmailing a reality show star. He went to Twitter again and tried to educate her. He said blackmail is someone being given property or having someone do something using horror tactics or other illegal methods. He also said that comparing Erica to offer her a deal is far from the definition of blackmail. Ronald added that he wants to see some compassion from Erica for the victims by offering her the deal and getting her to accept it.

Erica is not only accusing Ronald of blackmail, but is also angry with how she treats him after her recent appeal.according to Ronald is addicted to public opinion to Erica Her by throwing her in the trash on social media.She said he was hungry for power and intimidating her RHOBH Co-stars and other people who support her by threatening her in the investigation. She may have mentioned Ronald chasing Lisa Rinna, claiming that Erica spent a lot of money at her daughter’s store and invested in her beauty brand. Regarding her accusations and the complaints she filed, Ronald argues that Erica’s remarks are unfounded. He said she believed she had no basis for legal debate, but was fully expecting her to attempt an appeal.He finished his statement by insisting Erica should stop wasting her moneyy Attorney fees should be focused and instead focused on repayment to the victim.

With so many questions about Erica’s guilt and innocence, it would be easier for Erica to repay her money. Erica’s social media personas since the outbreak of the legal scandal haven’t given the atmosphere that she feels sorry for her husband’s actions and mourns the victims. She hasn’t even publicly acknowledged the victims, and their lives were after not receiving the money.It would be interesting to know what her legal team thinks RHOBH A star overwhelmed by a lawyer From the other side of such a public platform.

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Erika Jayne accuses blackmail lawyer Ronald Richards

https://screenrant.com/rhobh-erika-jayne-accuse-lawyer-extortion-twitter-argument/ Erika Jayne accuses blackmail lawyer Ronald Richards

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