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This year was difficult, to say the least.Between Coronavirus pandemicIt would be difficult not to think that the subsequent economic crisis, restrictions and blockades, and catastrophic voyage events, at least once, “can’t wait for it to end.” But now that 2020 is nearing its end, I would like to take on a little challenge as we enter 2021.

We have created Escape From 2020, a free online video game for everyone who wants to leave 2020 (Click here to openYou can literally “escape” from this Annus Horribilis by car and race as soon as possible towards 2021. The game also features road obstacles to overcome.

how to play

Players can choose from four cars.

  • A sporty “Blue Laser” signed by and driven by Patrick McQuill
  • Electricity “OHM1500” InsideEVs.comDriven by Martha Berg
  • Thunder “nascar, like red Motorsport Games, Driven by Bobby Trickle
  • F1 “Grand Speed” which is clearly part of the team, Driven by Willie Hawk

Each car runs in a different scenario that matches the model. For example, for “Truck Wolf”, Grand Speed ​​and The Thunder are good, but for “Nightlife” drivers, Blue Laser is a natural habitat. If you’re already looking to the future of zero emissions, it goes without saying that the OHM 1500 is 100% electric and invincible.

Once you’ve chosen your car, you’re ready to race. The rules are very simple. You need to know that there are 5 “life”, avoid everything else and collect red tickets. The goal is to collect 100 tickets so that we can escape 2020 and enter 2021. There are also some hidden Easter eggs.

So a happy race, and the best wishes for a great 2021 from the editors of

– Motorsports

Escape 2020 with’s new 8-bit mobile racing game Escape 2020 with’s new 8-bit mobile racing game

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