Escape from Tarkov’s latest wipe brings map rework and new weapons

Patch 0.12.9 has been released on Escape from Tarkov with rework of Woods maps, new ammo statistics, and some new weapons. Perhaps most importantly, it’s also a wipe. This means that all characters and quest progress, as well as all gear and in-game money collected by the player, will be reset to zero.

This has proven to be controversial in the Tarkov community, as the 12.9 patch was not initially expected to contain wipes. However, Battlestate Games community manager Tobias Solem said the patch was a necessary step given that it would make changes not only to the game’s economy but also to the backend. Solem posted a FAQ on the Tarkov forum early Thursday.

“”[W]ipes occur when there are enough changes that require a fully wiped slate, “Solem wrote. “Such calls can be made at the last minute. For example, a last-minute choice about adding content to a patch that requires major changes to the database.” Wipe was announced long ago. Many people quit the game, he says.

The new Streets of Tarkov map is not in 12.9. Soles explained that due to a combination of factors such as a larger player base and cheat prevention requirements, this “most ambitious map in the game” could not be included. , And the impact of COVID-19 on development. Players can anticipate the Streets of Tarkov with patch 0.13 of 2021.

So what is included in this patch? The marquee change is a rework and extension of Woods that is more than double its original size. Besides the new real estate, there are new interesting places to explore and plunder, such as abandoned lumberyards and Emercom camps.

There are also new weapons for survival games such as the 9×19 and .45 KRISS Vector SMG, the .300 blackout SIG MCX assault rifle, the .45 UMP SMG, and the Mk-18mod1 Mjölnir DMR. At .338 LM. The patch also introduces new ammo types, the new .300 Blackout Cartridge and the .338 Lapua Magnum Round.

Each ammo type has its own chance of bleeding status, which can be further divided into light and heavy bleeding. So, for example, a large, slow round may not be likely to penetrate the armor, but if it does, it can cause significant damage to the tissue.

Another important change in this patch is the ability to ultimately change the appearance of the operator. For now, that means choosing between two heads each, USEC and BEAR.

The complete patch notes are:

Additions and changes:

  • “Woods” expansion.
  • Remade the initial gear set of PMC.
  • Added customization of head and voice when creating characters. So far, there are only two new heads for each faction added. You cannot change your head and voice after creating a character. It can only be run after resetting or wiping the profile.
  • The skill “Immunity” has been added.
  • “Metabolism” has been recreated.
  • Reduced the amount of steps and the interaction with vegetation.
  • Added a chance to cause bleeding in ammo. Currently, some ammunition can cause heavier or lighter bleeding more often than others.
  • Currently, some face shields and glasses reduce the time of the blindness effect of flash bang rounds and grenades.
  • Players will receive a letter with a supply package for the first 7 days of play.
  • Added “All” button to the purchase menu when purchasing from dealers via the flea market. You can now select all available items with a single click.
  • [Wリスト]The tab filters are changed individually and do not affect other flea market tabs.
  • The Enter button now confirms the action in most dialog windows.
  • You can now turn off slot highlighting when dragging items in your inventory.
  • Equipped armbands can no longer be looted and will not be lost if they die.
  • A letter with the exit reward in cooperation with Scab will arrive a little later.
  • The container applies a restriction filter to the mods installed on the transported object. This means that mounts with thermal sites can no longer be placed in a secure container.
  • New equipment and clothing added: PMC tops and bottoms, body armor, rigs, smoked balaclavas, tops for scabs.
  • Changed the characteristics of many weapon mods.
  • Simplified Jaeger Quest.
  • Updated some quests: Changed execution conditions, start conditions, rewards.
  • The reduction in recoil control skills and recoil reduction bonuses from weapons is related to practical skills.
  • Currently, overweight characters start at 35kg. I used to be 40 years old.
  • Restrictions on purchasing some ammunition from dealers have been raised.

New weapons and ammunition

  • Both 9х19 and .45 KRISS Vector SMGs.
  • .300 blackout SIG MCX assault rifle.
  • .45 UMP SMG.
  • Mk-18mod1 Mjölnir DMR (.338 LM).
  • .300 blk, .338 Lapua Magnum ammunition.
  • Modifications of various new weapons.


  • Fixed a bot hanging behind a stationary weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where Kira couldn’t hear enemies approaching from behind.
  • Fixes and optimizations for various other bots.


  • Interface animation optimization.
  • Sound optimization in RAM.
  • Server optimization.


  • Aim for GL40 at the reflex site.
  • After opening the inventory, the character’s body position during blind firing was not reset.
  • Blinds were imposed even if the player used an infrared imager.
  • The stationary machine gun was removed from the mount when used by the player in the blind fire position.
  • It was possible to use the top and bottom of the opposite faction.
  • If the new nickname is 15 characters, the nickname could not be changed.
  • If the weapon had two sights, the sight range value did not change immediately after alignment.
  • After changing weapons, duplicate weapons can hang behind the player’s back for a few seconds.
  • On some trousers, the equipped gun was hanging outside the holster during installation on the Laghman service screen.
  • Observers did not see the player checking the weapon’s shooting mode.

Weapon presets

  • It was not possible to delete the overwritten preset.
  • If the build was started during the save process, the wrong mod was installed on the weapon.


  • If a player attempts to purchase an item beyond the limit, it was not possible to redeem all available items in the lot.
  • Raids have failed to interact with the inventory if the player has previously disassembled the weapon via the context menu.
  • When I reactivated the exit with a closed door at the reserve location, the siren stopped working faster than it should.
  • Moving the sight in and out of the weapon changed the sensitivity when aiming at the sight.
  • The character was throwing a light grenade with just two pushes on the yuan.
  • A non-trivial message about the lack of stash space when transferring items from the “Receive All” letter.
  • Placing an undiscovered raid weapon mod on a gun does not update the weapon’s “discovered raid” status.
  • Incorrect information about the acquisition level of weapon inspectors.
  • If the player purchased several of the same items from the dealer, the price of one item was reduced by one ruble.
  • Azimuth was lost when the player held the compass in his hand and opened the pause menu.
  • The camera can pass through another player’s body.
  • There are no messages in group chat.
  • Various server errors.
  • Various minor fixes.
  • Various localization fixes.
  • Fixes in various places.

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