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Ariel Helwani & Gina Carano

ESPN journalist Ariel Herwani shared his thoughts on the recent controversy surrounding the female MMA icon Gina Carano.

This week, Carrano (7-1 MMA) graced the headline. Former Strikeforce fighters first waved when she shared some controversial posts comparing modern political differences with the treatment of Nazi German Jews.

“The Jews were beaten on the streets by their neighbors, not even their children, not by Nazi soldiers,” Carano wrote on Instagram. “Because history has been edited, for most people today, the government first simply Jewish to their neighbors so that Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews. I’m unaware that I hated them because they were people. How is that different from hating someone in a political view? “ Shared by Gina Carano. This originated from another post. Instagram account.

Gina Carano

Then in another post, Carrano added it “Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide”..

Those posts were later posted by Gina Carano Dismissal Lucasfilm spells out the end of her role as Cara Dune in Disney’s hit series The Mandalorian.

“Gina Carano is not currently hired by Lucasfilm and she has no plans to hire her in the future.” A spokesperson for Lucasfilm said in a statement (via “Nevertheless, her social media posts are defaming, abominable and unacceptable, based on cultural and religious identities.”

ESPN journalist Ariel Herwani, who has interviewed Carrano many times in the past, shared his thoughts on the controversial post of a former fighter in a video posted on social media.

“Hello everyone. Here in Ariel. Past 24 to 48 hours, I was asked for my thoughts about Gina Carano from a lot of people. Certainly the last few hours, to find the words to fully express themselves I’ve been struggling. Obviously it’s a very complicated situation and I understand and appreciate why people ask me my opinion on this. The fact that she is a famous former general fighter. Because of, I talked a lot about her, I interviewed her a lot, and I talked early about the impact she has on my career. I’m Jewish, so why people I do this I understand if you want to know how you feel about it. “ Ariel Helwani explained. “But I had a hard time replying to tweets and summarizing my thoughts on social media, so I decided to make a video to explain my feelings (Gina Carano’s comment).”

Ariel Helwani continued:

“Obviously, I’m very disappointed with what she posted. To be honest, I don’t agree with much of what she posted in the past year. This last post is essentially Compared to being an American Republican, or having a particular political view, to being a Nazi German Jew during World War II, as well as a Jew. Jews and other minorities were also discussed in this particular post, having to hide in the attic and side ditches, leaving their families and killing 6 million of them. Comparing it to what’s happening in this country is, to put it mildly, a very nasty analogy. Now I’m not alone and I’m not interested in the entire cancellation culture. I’m someone I’m not here to talk about employment or anything like that. I’m listening to comments. Statements. Analogy.

Ariel Helwani concludes:

“As a Jew, and as a human, it just doesn’t sit well. And I wish she hadn’t posted it. And frankly, someone has her social in the past year. I wish I had told her about media posts. Some of them aren’t even political. Just in general, they offended me. That she went this way. I’m sorry. “

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ESPN’s Ariel Herwani shares his thoughts on Gina Carano following a recent controversy ESPN’s Ariel Herwani shares his thoughts on Gina Carano following a recent controversy

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