Esport Awards Announces First Wave Of Winners

The Esports Awards announced Logitech, Logan Dodson, and Eavesdrop Podcast as one of the first winners of this year’s event. The award was presented at the first Esports Awards Prelude Show tonight, hosted by Gabriella’Le Tigress’Devia-Allen and Thom’F’. Badinger.

The Prelude is also the organizer of the 2020 Esports Class Lifetime Achievement Awards and honors industry leaders who have devoted their professional lives to advancing the industry. Classes include Korea’s largest esports icon Im’Boxer’Yofan, esports heavyweight Mike Sepso, industry veteran raig’Torble’ Levine, eSports journalist Richard Lewis, street fight legend Daigo Umehara, e Included was sports pioneer Jonathan’Fatal1ty’ Wendel.

Below is a complete list of current Esports Awards winners.

  • Esports Collegiate Award – Tyrell Appleton
  • Esports Hardware Provider of the Year – Elgato
  • Esports Commercial Partner of the Year – Logitech
  • Lifelong achievements in esports – 2020 class
    • Jonathan “Fatal” Wendell
    • Daigo Umehara
    • Richard Lewis
    • Craig “Torble” Levin
    • Michael Sepso
    • Lim Boxer Yofan
  • This year’s esports photographer – Rich rock
  • This year’s esports videographer – Logan Dodson
  • Esports Coach of the Year – Lee “Heen” Seung Gon (Team Secret)
  • This Year’s Esports Analyst – Chad “SPUNJ” Berchill
  • This year’s esports content series – Eavesdrop podcast
  • Panel’s Choice Awards related to Touch of Ginger – Michal Slowinski
  • Panel’s Choice Awards related to Touch of Ginger – Steve Dudenheffer

Tomorrow night, the eSports Awards will be held exclusively on Twitch TV from 9 pm Greenwich Mean Time / 10 pm Central European Standard Time / 13:00 pm Central European Standard Time to announce the full list of winners. It will be the center. Watch host Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere perform an immersive virtual celebration night.

The Esports Awards welcome Verizon as the official 5G partner for this year’s ceremony. Verizon will also sponsor two awards, the Esports Mobile Player of the Year and the Esports Mobile Game of the Year, to strengthen its commitment to the mobile gaming community. Esports presenter Nyvi Estephan and Aftershock Media Group co-owner and business development director Matt Rutledge announce the Esports Mobile Game of the Year, and singer-songwriter Chrissy Costanza announces the Esports Mobile Player of the Year.

“We are very pleased to be able to create the Esports Awards Expo and Esports Prelude Show at this year’s event beyond regular services. We have received more awards this year, two for each winner. I felt it was important to spotlight the evening celebrations. At the Esports Awards, we are proud to be a platform for the esports industry. This year we have achieved something truly special and unique. I know that. “ Michael Ashford, Managing Director of Esports Awards, said:

Esports Awards 2020 will be held in partnership with Lexus, Verizon, Arlington CVB, SCUF, Sizzle Creative, Esports Gear, Esports Stadium Arlington, Koyo Store, RESPAWN, Matrix Keyboards, eBeatz, Touch of Ginger, Grind Gaming, eFuse and LiveCGI. I did.

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