Esports Life Tycoon is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

G2, TSM, Maverick, PSG … Compete against your favorite esports team in a simulated esports match and become the best manager ever! Personalize every aspect of your professional team to create your own esports team. Create shields, design esports equipment, and create both avatars and players from scratch. Build your dream esports team and climb to the top of the championship. Registering the Best Stars The best teams that shock the market need the best players. If you really want to be the best manager, you need all the stars on your side. Hire promising players and convince your current champion to join the team. And if one of them is dragging you down … face the difficult choice of keeping them on your team or saying goodbye to them! No one says it’s easy to be a champion. Superstars who train players and care for their well-being do not appear suddenly. Even the most talented players need to work extensively to improve their skills. Master Champion, work on team chemistry, analyze your opponents … and don’t skip breakfast! After all, the best teams are more than the sum of those parts, and team play (and proper diet) distinguishes between good teams and really great teams. From the bedroom to the millions … Winning the game will open up new possibilities for more fans, more income. You can improve your game house by climbing departments and starting to live like a superstar. Psychologists, coaches, marketing managers … professionals of all kinds join the path to your glory! … To become an esports legend! Compete with professional esports teams and face the results of hard training. Decide whether to witness the rewards of the match, draft the champion to lead the team, or make real-time decisions during a simulated esports match. And remember when you face the excited crowd waiting for you: success belongs to your player, but it’s the coach who owns the loss.

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Esports Life Tycoon Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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